Anyone near Norwich?

For pub meet-ups and the like.
Josephine K
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Anyone near Norwich?

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Anyone near Norwich?

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Re: Anyone near Norwich?

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Hi, looks like there's at least 3 of us on the forum. I live close to the city centre.

I have thought about moving to my parents' house in Cheshire for the lockdown, 4 weeks cooped up in my little flat is filling me with dread 😩 I'll likely end up staying though, in which case I'd be up for a clandestine meetup.

Suki Pryce
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Re: Anyone near Norwich?

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Hi, I'm in North Walsham, would be happy to meet up

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Re: Anyone near Norwich?

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Hi first my apologies for the lateness.
Another here from Norwich, I’m near the North Walsham road.

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Re: Anyone near Norwich?

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I am near Norwich and would like to meet fellow thinkers. Meet in the Park etc. Is there an organised group? Used to be a meet in Chapelfield Gardens?

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