Feminists Against Lockdown

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Feminists Against Lockdown

Post by Sceptigal »

I've been sceptical since early doors and, in addition to the staggering assault on our civil liberties, knew lockdowns were going to be bad bad news for vulnerable women and girls.

I've been shocked at the lack of pushback from the women's sector. There has been some hand wringing, sure, but even the analyses coming out about how lockdowns harm women are still not addressing the disastrous central policy - lockdowns themselves.

I have managed to find a fair few sceptics amongst my feminist circles, but we aren't many (yet) and I wanted to post this as a clarion call to any feminists who may be reading and feel alone when everyone else in their feminist circles is acting hysterically and treating you like a pariah for questioning lockdown policies.

I'm hoping we could get a pressure group together and try and lean on a lot of the big names (Women's Aid, Fawcett Society etc.) to change their party line. Other suggestions most welcome.

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Re: Feminists Against Lockdown

Post by ScepticalSunshine »

Hello Sceptigal, I just wanted to say I HEAR YOU, and too am so disappointed at the the handwringing being displayed by almost all the women of my acquaintance and in public life who would describe themselves as feminists I am sure, and whose lives are being utterly shattered by lockdown, but who are still parroting the lockdown line.

I fear you may not have much success with Women's Aid/ Fawcett Society as they, like Twitter etc have been captured by Covid-adjacent 'progressive' ideologies already and you will be branded a bigot for even raising it. The Fawcett society does not act for women, it is a disgrace to feminism I'm afraid, and there is an extra layer of silence surrounding the effect on women that that lockdown is having. But, on this issue, as in others currently raging, I think women are too afraid to speak up.

Because lockdown support has been so cleverly entwined with other progressive attitudes, many left-leaning feminists simply will not question it, for fear of seeming right wing and receiving the very special vitriol reserved for non-conforming women.

I read somewhere, I think in the Atlantic, early in lockdown 1 that it is a known feature of any societal upheaval that women's rights are the first to be compromised and that they are driven back into the home with primary responsibility for children. Personally I feel women are being effectively bombed back to the middle ages (I used to think it was the 50s, but it's worse that that now) and we are entering an almost feudal era. The organisations set up to defend women's rights, like the ones you mention, have already been completely compromised, and cannot even agree on what a woman actually is -- thereby abnegating any responsibility to protect class based rights.

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Re: Feminists Against Lockdown

Post by Sceptigal »

I completely hear you, and we seem to be on exactly the same page regarding sex-based rights and the institutional capture of organisations supposed to fight for us on other "progressive" issues. I was in a minority (but growing) of feminists on this issue, and it seems we're now in a minority of a minority.

So what do we do? Launch our own single issue campaign (lockdowns hurt women?) like UsForThem? I spoke to someone from UsForThem the other day, and asked her about the lack of engagement from mainstream children's charities like NSPCC, Childline etc. She said that it had really shocked her too, but that just recently one of them had actually been in touch. Maybe there is a slight shift in the water. So do we try and get column inches, and give feminists who may be questioning things a home? I think you are right, women are afraid to speak up because they are vilified, so do we offer them a "safe" (ugh, I know) outlet that isn't attached to other political ideology, and they would feel comfortable aligning with and wouldn't feel like they were putting their heads above the parapet? I've been doing a bit of writing/speaking but it's attached to another feminist thing I run so risks the baggage that all that comes with.

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Re: Feminists Against Lockdown

Post by Illimitible »

It’s down to your attitude to risk.

Male and female brains are wired differently, males are programmed to take risks and bring the mastodon meat back to the cave and women are programmed to avoid risk and nurture their offspring.

It’s Darwinian.

Speed is cheap and plentiful and eggs are expensive and rare.

Start there.

Fire in the hole ! 😂

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Re: Feminists Against Lockdown

Post by Occamsrazor »

I have no helpful ideas but I just wanted to post support. Identity politics has made sane discussion impossible and women are under siege.

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Re: Feminists Against Lockdown

Post by camcanary »

Helllooooooo!! So nice to hear that there are some feminists here :D would be great to meet in person, am based in cambridge, but would also love to even just have a zoom call or something to chat about the state of things from a feminist perspective. thanks for all the speaking up you've been doing so far. hope you're all well!

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Re: Feminists Against Lockdown

Post by Cotton »

Hi, I have been saying this to all who will listen - all those same people who call themselves "feminists" are totally fine with huge numbers of women having to give up jobs as partner is higher earner and their household has had to make difficult decisions, or mass abuse that's happening right now for many vulnerable women at home. Same people I'm sure who call themselves left wing whilst being a-okay with maas layoffs in retail and other sectors as it doesn't affect them.

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Re: Feminists Against Lockdown

Post by Wessex One »

I'm not a feminist but I see how a women's lobby could mobilise against lockdown. Women seem the most nervous, empathetic, protective and socially conscious, so they are most susceptible to fear campaigns. So I think if there could be an active women's lobby, that could change some minds in the demographic who are most supportive of lockdown.

What about arguments about women losing their independence because they are prevented from working in non-essential businesses or being overloaded with stress because they are trying to educate children? Also, lockdowns have increased domestic violence. Yes, it is easy enough to say that violence is done by individuals not the government but the situation causes stress and lack of opportunity to escape homes.

It would be great if a few of the most prominent feminists or women's advocates could push this point directly. If someone could get on Woman's Hour, but we all know that the BBC are toeing the government line.

Good luck...

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Re: Feminists Against Lockdown

Post by ScarlettR »

I'm not sure what I think about this

Generally people are anti feminist, I feel

Generally people seem to me to be pro lockdown

Is connecting the issues going to get both parties presented in an even worse light?

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Re: Feminists Against Lockdown

Post by Page Turner »


I so agree about many "feminists" seeming to love the lockdown. I'm in a women's group, we've been going for 7 years and were close, nowadays, I can't stand the online Zoom calls and the endless "the world is nigh" comments.They embrace mask wearing like zealots of course.

So hard just to say are you sure they work? What does all this mean for women? Why are we swallowing this discourse?

Would love to meet up with any women who want to just talk about this, how did we all become so demented? and what to do.

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