Buckinghamshire Sceptics

For pub meet-ups and the like.
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Buckinghamshire Sceptics

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Hit me up, I’m losing a lot of friends and if you’re reading this then I expect you are too.

Social circles need re building with like minded people.

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Re: Buckinghamshire Sceptics

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I am in same boat as you, can't talk to anyone I know, they are all gagging for the vaccine and think I am a conspiracy theorist. Even my sister, thinks that and tells me I am selfish for not "protecting others". She is more interested in going on holiday than thinking of the long term possible consequences of taking the vax. I am going to wait til the hysteria dies down (hopefully) and still not take it but see if anyone gets sick or worse next winter when the vax turns out to not be the wonder drug they all thought it was.

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