West London Sceptics

For pub meet-ups and the like.
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West London Sceptics

Post by mm99 »

Hi Sceptics, middle-aged West-London couple here. I think we've been cancelled by all our friends and I guess we need to set our sights on post-lockdown socialising.

We're in Fulham and would love to meet some new people.


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Re: West London Sceptics

Post by abi255 »

Little bit late but I would be up for meeting with people in west London, ideally other women but anyone would be lovely :) I'm 24 and a grad student and female. PM me if you'd like to meet!

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Re: West London Sceptics

Post by Illimitible »

I’m in Buckinghamshire but happy to head into west London.

I’m losing the plot with most of my ‘friends’ - it’s very obvious a brand new social circle is needed.

Would be up for a coffee / walk, perhaps on a sunday as I’m a builder and work is incredibly busy right now.

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