Covid 19 testing

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Re: Covid 19 testing

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guy153 wrote: Mon Aug 10, 2020 4:16 pm Here is a nice album of electron microscope picture of the actual coronavirus particles, which have been isolated and cultured in human cells: ... 2914621487

As for the Koch postulates, mice and monkeys have been infected with SARS-CoV-2 as a part of early vaccine trials and they developed fever, pneumonia, etc.
Those electron microscope photos have been colourised and enhanced. I would like to see the originals. How do we know that what is depicted is the SARS-Cov-2 virus - They could possibly be photos of ANY coronavirus OR could be photos of EXOSOMES, which are endogenous intra-cellular particles within humans that display similar visual and other characteristics to viruses, (and in particular to those activities attributed to SARS-Cov-2 - example: bind to a cells ACE receptor), but are essential to our health. Compare the actual black and white EM photos side by side: ... 1624022860

This short video interview with Dr. Andrew Kaufman discusses validity issues with the 'virus':

Could you please provide a link if possible to those mice and monkey trials? If they have isolated the virus from other biological and non biological components that they used to conduct those trials, why then has there not been a paper reporting and discussing this?
A search through the internet (at least) using different browsers has brought up zero results for me. This is not proof against such a papers existence, however why is it not publicised widely given the immense global propaganda campaign trying to prove the existence and infectiousness of the 'virus'?

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Re: Covid 19 testing

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This is the ChAdOx1 vaccine paper:

Figure 4 shows pictures indicating pneumonia and presence of SARS-CoV-2 antigen in the lungs of monkeys who had been infected. All the other vaccines now in human trials will have done something similar. ... ic-enemies

The originals are probably files of computer data, but all they've done is add colour, and perhaps other enhancements, but nobody has drawn the virus particles on.

An exosome that leaves the body and infects someone else's is a virus. So the key piece of evidence here is that both in the vaccine trial and for the electron microscope images, they were culturing a virus (or exosome) that they got from a human COVID-19 patient, and it will have been identified as SARS-CoV-2 with PCR. In any case, we know that whatever this thing is, it's infectious, because we have identified hundreds of thousands of people infected with it who have been near to other people with it.

If it's not infectious but something everyone's body produces from the inside, why does almost nobody in New Zealand have it? Why is the number of people in whom in can be detected increasing rapidly in Australia, but remaining level in the UK? The pattern of positive tests, which, while it contains plenty of noise and errors, follows very closely what would be expected of an infectious agent.

Of course any evidence can be fabricated and there is never absolute certainty about anything. A virus is very small, so you will never see it with the naked eye, and much of what we know about it depends on the reliability of very well-established scientific methods such as electron microscopy and genetic sequencing. But these have both been used countless times in other contexts and are extremely well-validated.

It's about weighing probabilities. But for this not to be a coronavirus that causes a typical virus-like disease would require an unfeasibly large conspiracy in my opinion.

It is actually possible to build a DIY electron microscope like this guy: ... 8hRPZAychL

So I guess you could try that! Then you would also need a PCR machine (but they seem to be only around £100 on ebay). I don't know what the process is for purifying a virus but it's probably easier than building the microscope.

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