Sceptic Poems

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Sceptic Poems

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Peter Hitchens was the earliest
To challenge the conventional view
Toby Young started Lockdown Sceptics
When the alternative narrative grew
The In Proportion 2 project
Has been superb at giving context
Challenging the conventional narrative
And what may be coming next
Daniel Levitt on twitter
The son of a Nobel Prize winner
Challenging the science head on
The media will see him a sinner
Susan Pearson in the Telegraph
She has been excellent throughout
Challenging the treatment of children
Shutting schools, what’s that all about?
A big shout to Lord Sumption
A former Chief Justice you know
Is there anyone more respected?
If there is I would like to know
Hugh Osmund the business leader
He knows about the economic hurt
Millions of people made unemployed
Trampled on like they were dirt
Danilel Hanann the Journalist & MEP
Has tried to get the point across
But he has been ignored also
The Government don’t give a toss

Dr John Lee in the spectator
Covering the death count scandal
His brilliant detailed analysis
Cutting through convention like a vandal
Professor Knut Wittkowski
If only Wittys mind was so clear
Promoted herd immunity from the beginning
If we had listened we wouldn’t be here
Professor Dolores Cahill
Her credentials leave you no doubt
Her direct speech and charisma
She has the experience and the clout
Simon Dolan wants to keep Britain free
And challenged the government in court
He is the true lockdown hero
Putting his reputation on the line without thought
So why have these people been silenced
They have the credentials you see
Unfortunately most people out there
Are getting brainwashed by the BBC.

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Re: Sceptic Poems

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That's excellent Mike. Well said indeed.

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Re: Sceptic Poems

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A Lockdown Sonnet

One day, towards the end of May,
After travelling on London’s Underground,
Teddy’s heart felt like a lump of clay
Because there weren’t any people around.

Nelson’s Column at Trafalgar Square
And the other landmarks were still there,
But the city centre was void of humans
And Teddy felt like he was among ruins.

London’s Tube stations, such as Oxford Circus,
With their trains running a reduced service,
Are yearning to once more fulfil their purpose.

Alas, for now, there seems no real end in sight,
With regards to the government’s anti-Covid fight.
Meanwhile the nation’s economy is suffering plight.

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