Face masks exemption

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Face masks exemption

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You can find the printable exemption cards or pdf for your mobile phones right on the government website. Check
https://www.gov.uk/government/publicati ... e-your-own
Since they are mandatory, everywhere I go and I am challenged about masks, I just politely reply: "Sorry, but I am exempt". And seriously ! That's it ! I didn't had to wear one at all, regardless or where I went. Nothing else needed. You just say that you are exempt or show pdf on your phone if you don't want to say anything, or you can download a badge and pit it to your clothing so it's visible.
And this video about wearing face masks is excellent.

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Re: Face masks exemption

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"And yesterday, a group calling itself StandUp X invaded a Morrison’s in London and told shoppers to remove their masks."

Lockdownsceptics.org, 12 August 2020

I don't think that's the right way to go about it. It's like if you discovered that second-hand smoke doesn't cause cancer, and proceeded to blow smoke in peoples' faces. They have the right to demand behaviour from you, even if you know they are being irrational. And you don't know.

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Re: Face masks exemption

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I managed to fly to Corfu and back without wearing a nappy at all throughout the whole airport and plane experience. Wore the lanyard, showed it a couple of times, no problem. I was probably the only one who had a comfortable flight. Shops wise I have the Lanyard in my pocket just in case i'm asked but haven't been so far.

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