Tectonic shift in the government's plan

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Re: Tectonic shift in the government's plan

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Splatt wrote: Sun Feb 21, 2021 4:51 pm Tomorrow we'll have a tiny tiny lifting of restrictions hidden under the "but do this now and everyone will have been stabbed by July" cover.

Then in July we'll have "..until they get the second dose".
That'll take us up to "just this Oxford booster now for the variant" then neatly into the "Its a winter spike, protect the NHS Honest".
Then its spring 2022 and nothing has changed.
As a nation, we are sleep-walking into a future of never-ending restrictions. Of unending crisis.

Yet so few people I know actually realize this.

In order to defeat the zero-Covid lobby, we need a unified zero-restrictions lobby. It's the only way we will restore normality.

The notion of some curbs on freedoms some of the time is a concession too far. That level of naivety got us into this mess, with no obvious way out.

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Re: Tectonic shift in the government's plan

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...and as expected Boris has gone full on zero-covid nonsense.

Even in JUNE its "limited household mixing" and "uk holidays only".

So severe, brutal restrictions even up to that point and beyond.

He has absolutely zero intention of allowing anything to return to normal at any point this year.

Somehow with vaccines, natural immunity, better treatments and a lockdown 3x longer than the first we're WORSE off than last summer?!

Oh and also this: "He will reserve the right to slam the brakes on lifting lockdown if a new variant of the virus emerges."

Looks like the zero-covid extremists got to him.

We've turned into a batshit tinpot dictatorship.

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