The Secret Garden: an innocent child gaslighted by medical masks

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The Secret Garden: an innocent child gaslighted by medical masks

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A grieving father whose wife died in childbirth conspires with his overzealous, servile household staff to turn his only son into a crippled invalid and keep him sheltered and isolated in his room forever, in order to preserve the memory of his dead mother.

This is the plot of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s beloved children’s book, The Secret Garden. Everyone must mask up before being permitted in the presence of the closely-guarded child-prisoner.

We are the child, and our beneficent father, the all-loving state, looks out for us by reducing us to obedient cripples during the corona pandemic.

Agnieszka Holland’s 1993 movie-adaptation of the book contains some images of mask-madness that are striking and even chilling in the light of current events. The head housekeeper is played by the great Maggie Smith. Above is just one of the many chilling images from the film, which amounts to a chronicle of heart-breaking child abuse.

PS: Check out Agnieszka Holland’s latest film, Mr. Jones, about the New York Times cover-up of the 1932 Soviet famine-genocide in the Ukraine, the Holodomor. ... d487d66f2a