What Have We Achieved?

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Re: What Have We Achieved?

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Thank you for a great post, RR. I believe the greatest loss will be this:

"We’ve also lost something of inestimable worth; our sense of balance and perspective. It’s as if, in our fear, we forgot that the value we find in our lives is made up of a whole intricate web of things. We’ve allocated almost all of our sense of value to covid deaths and forgotten that other things are of value too."

This has become increasingly obvious. Those who have been terrorised into believing this to be an utterly overwhelming threat have hardened in their position that they don't care about the downsides of lockdowns, that mental health worries are just first-world problems, that life should be about more than mere existence.

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Re: What Have We Achieved?

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Stay strong everybody and believe in yourselves, whatever your background and values. The madness of the last year has been some time in the making and has many causes. Resilience is the key. The economic fallout will be dire for many and I fear serious social unrest as a result. We must support all those willing to tell the truth and stand up to the delusional bullies who promise utopia based on wishful thinking rather than experience and hard science.

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Re: What Have We Achieved?

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The optimist in me believes there will be, at some point, a reckoning. Not just for the politicians or the scientists responsible for this callous abuse of the populace.

But also for the media. Journalists and celebrities, in particular. Every notable that has used social media to virtue-signal their compliance while scolding the murderous, unmasked deniers. Think Owen Jones or Piers Morgan.

I hope someone out there is documenting all the tweets. All the think pieces. All the pronouncements of how necessary and morally neutral lockdowns are. I don't have the time, regrettably. But it would be a tremendous service to posterity.

Because when public opinion shifts, when people realize the true horror that lockdown has visited upon society, every current lockdown fanatic will begin to curate their past social media content. Articles from the Guardian will mysteriously vanish. YouTube videos will be memory-holed.

They will wipe everything to conceal their complicity. All with the aid of Big Tech, naturally.

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Re: What Have We Achieved?

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Rudolph Rigger wrote: Wed Feb 17, 2021 9:24 am We’re about 11 months into our 3-week plan to flatten the curve to protect the NHS and what have we achieved? What have we gained and what have we lost?

Curiously, it’s much harder to figure out what we’ve gained. The only “achievements” seem to have been over 100,000 dead and an economy that the acronym fubar doesn’t really fully describe.

Oh – we saved the NHS. Allegedly. And here’s the problem in trying to figure out what we’ve gained in this whole farcical year. The arguments mostly rely on how much worse things would have been if we hadn’t had such a hard-on for lockdowns. And yet none of those dire predictions of doom and gloom happened in the few places which retained some semblance of proportionality and didn’t lockdown. It’s almost as if the models we relied upon to inform our policy were as much use as a chocolate jockstrap – fascinating and fun in a weird sort of way but totally useless for purpose.

We, along with most other countries, decided to run with an experimental treatment to deal with an outbreak of a rather nasty flu-like virus. Against all previous advice and medical opinion we decided that lockdowns and masks were the way forward. But as the excellent Dr John Lee pointed out in a recent interview, one doesn’t invoke an experimental new procedure without due consideration of the potential side effects. These side effects, the terrible consequences of lockdown, seem to have been almost blithely ignored, swept under the covid carpet.

And despite the media spin, these side effects are not directly due to the virus, but are a direct consequence of our response to it.

What about these side effects? The losses? What we’ve lost is all too painfully evident. That light at the end of the tunnel isn’t the way out, it’s the out-of-control train of our wrecked economy heading towards us – fast. It’s going to hit hard. Some will survive, even thrive, but many will not.

When Boris finally manages to pin down those goalposts and let us out to play in a responsible socially-distanced manner (with masks) we’ll breathe a muffled sigh of thankful relief. The grateful populace will sink to their knees offering their heartfelt prayers to the God of Lockdown for His benevolence in allowing us just a sliver of those freedoms we once took for granted to return. Our loss of liberty and freedoms being just one, amongst many, of the other consequential losses of lockdown.

I hope I’m wrong about the economy. Take heart – I usually am wrong about such things. However, I can’t see how we can escape from this without some serious financial consequences.

The lockdown losses have been detailed in so many places – far too many heart-breaking stories to contemplate which, compounded with the equally heart-breaking loss of life due to covid itself, make for a very depressing year.

We’ve also lost something of inestimable worth; our sense of balance and perspective. It’s as if, in our fear, we forgot that the value we find in our lives is made up of a whole intricate web of things. We’ve allocated almost all of our sense of value to covid deaths and forgotten that other things are of value too.

There must be many families in the UK where an elderly parent or grandparent has died this year. How many of those people died without having been able to spend time with the people who made their lives worth living? Lockdown didn’t save them did it? It just prevented something of inestimable value from happening; those last, oh so precious, days and moments with those who have nurtured and loved us all of our lives.

We’ve lost our ability to reason, to debate. Any dissenting voice shouted down, or censored as “misinformation”. What have we become? How did we allow this to happen? Progress, and especially scientific progress, is utterly dependent on our ability to question, to vigorously debate and to challenge. Are we moving forward into an era where the government dictates the truth for us?

Yes we’ve lost a lot and “gained” almost nothing. I fear that things will never fully return to normal.
We the little people have gained nothing but the elite ( political class, global, wealthy etc) have gained everything. The fact rich people have gotten even more wealthy from the pandemic shows who truly benefits from lockdowns.

The lockdowns are no longer about public health protection and can not be justified anymore.

1)The elite have gained a weaked society which most people are living in complete paranoia. This week I went to my local Holland and Barrett. I was queueing to purchase the teas I bought. In the queue there was a big gap between the man in front of me and me.

The man is telling me to move back even more further. He looked so serious and hostile. I moved back because I dont want a conflict. I am small female and nobody would step in if the man were to become abusive.

If more people are scared the easier it is for the government to justify introducing lockdown measures or extend the lockdown in the name of public protection.

2) The mental health industry :

I am NOT anti psychiatry but the psychiatry has become a business especially in rescent years.

If more people identify as having depression or anxiety then they will need mental health services.

The NHS has long waiting lists for therapy this has been an issue for many years. When seriously mentally ill people are waiting for therapy normally they are issued anti depressants by the gp.

Anti depressants usage in England has risen. In September 2020 over 6 million people in England where prescribed anti depressants.
https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.thegua ... nd-plunges

If more people are getting prescribed anti depressants then the pharmaceutical compaines will make a lot of money from the manufacturing of the anti depressants to deal with the demand.

Over the years many articles have been written about how much profit pharmaceutical companies make from anti depressants sales.

https://www.fiercepharma.com/sales-and- ... psych-meds

If more people are mentally ill then this leds to more mental health campaigns being created to promote wellbeing and awareness.

This creates more roles for mental health charities because they can now justify their existence and take full advantage of the situation.
Look at how charities spend more money on advertising to promote thier charities instead of the actual cause itself.

During mental health awareness weeks look at the pr campaigns,events and documentaries that get made etc someone is profiting from all this.

Celebrities get involved in mental health charites and awareness campaigns. The celebrities will be receiving money and publicity for every time they appear on tv or a newspaper article to talk about thier mental health struggles.

Over the years loads of people have written self help books to cope with depression. There wellbeing centres, yoga places and natural health businesses that use mental health campaigns to promote thier services and products.

Self help books, yoga or mindfulness doesnt work if a person suffers from severe or treatment resistant depression .

Depression is a serious mental illness which needs medical treatment.
There is a massive difference in feeling low and actually suffering a depressive disorder. Most people dont know the difference due to irresponsible celebrities and mental health campaigners making everyone believe feeling low equals depression . The term depression gets thrown around too much which is very very bad.

It is a massive industry . It is actually sad when you think of it. I learned this many years go society doesn't care about mentally ill people. I have been severely depressed for many years. All I know is i dont belong in this world. It hard to explain but growing up I never used to fit in anywhere and generally feel like an outsider. I am too sensitive, too weird for this world.

3) The left wing parties gain from lockdowns too because they can use the lockdown to justify more state intervention in people lives and an expansion of the benefits system.

Labour mps and the liberal Democrats during the pandemic have been pushing for universal basic income to be introduced.

https://leftfootforward.org/2020/09/lab ... ic-income/

Liberal Democrats have now have UBI as officially as a party policy. They made this decision after members agreed for this in the last years lib dem party conference in September/October


Labour supporters have been defending Corbyn free broadband for children who struggling with an online school. Claudia Webbe a labour mp for Leicester wrote an article justifying free broadband for all. Go one Twitter there plenty of Corbyn supporters believing he was right in his manifesto pledge of free broadband.
https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article ... l-has-come

Labour mps have been demanding the free school meal programe should be extended in to the half term .
https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.indepe ... html%3famp

I am so sorry for saying this but it is the parents responsibility to ensure thier children are feed not the state. No child should hungry especially in a first world nation like Britain.

Extension of free school meals ensures the child is fed which is a good thing for now especially the circumstances we are living in however it should not be a long term thing. I fear the left wing parties will push for such an expansion of free schools meals in to the half term to be a permanent thing.

Extending school meals in to the half term long term is not good thing because it doesn't address the issues of why some families are struggling to feed their children. I believe the government should be looking at the actual causes of poverty and trying to adress them instead of throwing money at the issue.

Poverty is a cycle. If you can keep one family out of poverty then you can save a generation.

Marcus rashford is well meaning man but the road to hell is paved with good intentions .

Marcus rashford has a created a culture in which people now believe it is government responsibility to feed children go on Twitter or read opinion pieces see the responses .

This going to potentially a produce a generation of absent /deadbeat fathers. The little boy queueing at the food bank or receiving his free school meals package will believe this is normal and in the future he will not provide for his kids. He will be brought up to believe that is states role to provide for kids.

I feel the taxpayer is being swindled because the tax payers is paying for that childs meal but childs father avoids his responsibility as a man to feed his children. It is not fair on the mother of the child, the child and the British public.

I believe in reform of the child support system because too many man have avoided thier responsibility to provide for their children. Child maintenance is difficult for most women to access and women are losing money they are entitled too. UK politicians should be discussing fixing the child support system.

That fact most politicians will not discuss this goes to the show the aim is not helping families but a push for more state interference in the family home.

I grew up with no father because my father never cared so my mum had me raise herself. There loads of fathers that dont provide for their children because they dont care.

The conservatives have failed to make the case for free market capitalism now will struggle in future elections to justify its exists as a party.

We will have now have a generation of young people who believe in socialism and big state intervention instead of free markets and personal responsibility.

The conservatives have caused this because young people are not seeing the benefits of capitalism or free markets.

4) The wealthy and famous benefits because they can carry on with their lives at the expense of poor and working class population.

The lockdown has become a scam.
The more I think about it every thing is all connected.

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Re: What Have We Achieved?

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I believe we have sustained a lot more damage than many have even contemplated.
The economic fall out l fear will be colossal. Even if all restrictions were lifted, and that's a huge if, a lot of the public who have believed the disgusting propaganda around Covid, will not anytime soon return to their 2019 habits, and spending trends, therefore the economy will still continue to ail.
I think the biggest damage is going to be to human contact and interaction, everybody has now been trained to view every other living sole as a walking germ pool. Germ phobia, over sanitisation, digital scrutiny, and other measures will continue to blight our lives for years if not decades to come.
This is what we have achieved, basically destroyed what we are, human beings, to whom human touch and interaction are essential elements of health and well-being. We have not saved lives, we have blighted every life and destroyed humanity itself.

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