Vaccination efficacy - ask a stupid question...

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Re: Vaccination efficacy - ask a stupid question...

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bradw4 wrote: Mon Feb 22, 2021 8:17 pm Whatever you're 'winnng' at, it isn't life.
Good man and you're spot on there, I got back from my cancer appointment this afto.

BI don't antagonise you just for fun (although it is good fun to defeat an intelligent man and watch him struggle), as I have often said I wish you well.

Had it not been this you might have spurned the precautionary principle for the rest of you life, never knowing the narrow lines that it hangs on, which is this: the chance of more safe without the chance of less safe is the exact equivalent of "safer". Same thing, no difference at all.

Anyway, I've done you a service for nowt, we have learned something so good luck to you again, and one day, if I'm still alive I hold out the hope that you will learn to be truly gracious in defeat only time will tell.
But I will be gracious and allow you to have the final word. I know it will mean the world to you.
Great, I've had the last word, so please get lost now.

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