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Re: Students

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I'm seeing march 20th as a date being posted

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Re: Students

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I always like your posts Sunjor, think we must be like minded.
Your post here is spot on, my parents used to call the children you describe 'molly coddled' but l suspect such a phrase is highly frowned upon these days.
This of course though is the fault of the parents not the children, children need to be allowed to develop their own confidence and experiences, but the influence of the nanny state has been eroding this character development for decades now, and replaced it with group think.
I walked to school on my own from about 7 or 8 years old, this would probably be reported to social services now as child neglect nowadays.
And before anybody replies, l also don't believe there are any more weirdos and paedophiles now than there were in the sixties and seventies, again this is something the MSM have made today's parents believe, because it shocks and surprise surprise it sells newspapers.

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Re: Students

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That is a really interesting post and sadly I think completely right.
I was going to say the same kind of thing - something to do with the fact that all the kids I know are either so genuinely woke or so complete and utterly terrified of being slammed on SM for not being woke enough that they can't even think of standing out from the crowd. For all the 'no tolerance for bullying' and 'be who you want to be' rhetoric, kids are mercilessly bullied - abused really - by the world of social media that we as adults allow them to drown themselves in.
Anyway, you put it all a lot better than I could. Thank you.

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