The New Order is accelerating into madness

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The New Order is accelerating into madness

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Every year in the UK 170,000 people die from chronic heart disease and it's associated illnesses.
Every year in the UK 60-70,000 die from dementia and it's associated complications.
Almost 6 in 10 adults are obese or extremely overweight.

During the years of government-backed sanctions in Iraq during the 1990s and up to the beginning of the invasion, 500,000 children died due to a lack of medicines and medical apparatus. "They were a price worth paying."
179 British servicepeople died in the war between 2003 and 2009. The death figure for iraqi civilians has still not been fully understood, but runs into the hundreds of thousands.

I fail to see how covid even registers on the radar as a pandemic. Life has always been cheap abroad, and now it's almost just as cheap at home, in the putrid hive.

Sometimes I look at my cat and feel thoroughly ashamed to be human.

I've done several stints in care homes as an assistant. I can assure anyone beyond reasonable doubt that vulnerable old granny and grandad's welfare is never really on the agenda. £800 a week to sit in puddles of piss, pile on the pounds due to inertia and go slowly mad.

Fuck government.
May the dire consequences of their actions follow them to the grave and beyond: shovelling Satan's shit in the dark catacombs is hell in eternal regret.

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Re: The New Order is accelerating into madness

Post by Speedstick »

This is a brilliant post Tompenn, and very accurate evaluation of the facts.
Frail elderly people are big business for (so called) care providers and large multinational drug producing conglomerates.
These individuals are often inhumanly kept alive in pain and suffering as they help generate income and bottom line profits for these afforementioned organisations.
These organisations also perpetually guilt trip the rest of us all into believing that this is the correct and moral thing to do, has not this whole Covid saga just been one huge manifestation of that fact.

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Re: The New Order is accelerating into madness

Post by miahoneybee »

Granny and grandad have always been far more at risk from governments even more so now...

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Re: The New Order is accelerating into madness

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I really hope this unpleasant experience we have all gone through this past 13 months has given people the opportunity to reevaluate their lives. I have never been a fan of care homes, having worked in one as a student. It was quite heart breaking to be honest and that was supposed to be a nice one. They havent had a good press over the years, some horrendous stories have emerged. They certainly haven't acted with humanity this past year.

Perhaps people will begin to think twice about putting their loved ones in them. I feel for those older people who don't have relatives to look after them and have little choice.

But perhaps it's time to go back to how it used to be with families looking after each other all the way through life rather than bunging the old codger in a care home and forgetting about them (ok I know there are other reasons for doing it but I'm just trying to make a point) . There could be an alternative way, that is to say keep the older person at home with the family and employ a carer to come in every day....I do not think people deserve to be made to live in a care home.

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Re: The New Order is accelerating into madness

Post by rachel.c »

Something is wrong when our healthcare system keeps people alive at great expense only for them to exist in a care home, waiting to die with little quality of life. I have seen this happen to a number of elderly people and don't want it to happen to me. A recent LS contribution by a hospice nurse was good on this. See
A civilised society would be able to discuss "do not resuscitate" in a calm manner but we seem beyond that. A breakdown of trust or what?

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Re: The New Order is accelerating into madness

Post by MichaelH »

It's made my day to read such a concentration of common sense in so few posts. Clearly the current mess results from a collective moral failure to deal with the reality of ageing and death. So we prolong life at all costs regardless of quality but don't want to see the ness that results so are happy for others to profit. We could learn a lot from more traditional societies and some of the migrant communities in our midst.

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