The loo issue again

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The loo issue again

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Dear boris and cronies ( too many to mention individually here)
I am writing to you ( again) with regards to the issue of no toilets opened again.
Whilst I appreciate you were busy with your crap ( pun intended) road map to get us out of this shite ( pun intended) that you and your cronies (having been the ones that got us into this mess) you have not addressed ( forgive me if I am wrong) the issue of us humans basic individual right that when we go out there are no loo facilities open anywhere for us humans to use. Now I also fully appreciate that this may be a wee ( pun intended) problem in the grand scheme of things but in the long run the potential for serious consequences are real such as not drinking for several hours before going out in case of being caught short whilst out knowing there is literally no place to go ( ok I know there are no place to go anyway ) . Consequently this can lead to dehydration and even UTIs ( urinary tract infections as I realise none of you are that smart) .this can go onto kidney problems and a whole host of issues which quite frankly in this day and age of at best minimum medical care ( zoom if your lucky) really does become a big problem as any early stages of any disease is guaranteed to be missed as there seems to be some kind of obsession with the 'rona' being the only matter of importance which has taken over our lives completely.
Now I realise you and your cronies like to piss in the wind as you have all done for the last 13 months but can I say quite clearly that I am not one of them. Through no choice but as a state of emergency I have in fact been forced into this posistion several times and it is not a nice experience. Whilst I think your dictatorship ( oops i meant leadership but i am to thick to know how to delete) advocates social distancing at all times this has left me in a very difficult position as this is near on impossible when the only thing that the population have been allowed is to exercise so you can imagine the amount of people out on their 5th walk of the day just to relieve themselves of their daily boredom . This poses serious problems when trying to practise shielding . The trees have been bare..its f..g bright jacket is a dead giveaway and so on.
I used to have my own road map when out and about. I felt safe in the knowledge that I could find a pub or cafe nearby. There were things called ' public toilets' in parks town centres everywhere you name it but of course these are no longer deemed necessary businesses. Well I for one would like to carry out my business in dignity and socially distanced.
I understand that none of you know your arse from your elbow but in fact i do and wish for the latter to be parked firmly on a loo seat should the need arise either at home or out and about. I also understand that you advocate using nappies as a means of protection . I have chosen not to use them as I do not deem them necessary as I left those behind once I was fully toilet trained and would prefer to look at other options such as OPENING THE F..G TOILETS..
One good thing I can report is that at home stuck in my house where many people feel safe as they have been imprisoned ( sorry not left them ) for 13 months is that I can drink as much as I like in the knowledge that there are no restrictions for the use of the loo hence no need to become a bedwetter at all and I can shield and socially distance ( on the one occasion I choose to) to my hearts content.
So perhaps now you understand my urgency. On many occasions for instance ( I know anything recreational or fun is banned) I have had to do several ( somewhat strange ) dances which usually involves hopping from one foot to another .sweating ..crying out in pain ..and turning pale. I have wondered if this might mean I need a pcr test as it could be confused with symptoms of the rona but once I realise nature is calling I weigh up my options which is often 1. Cutting my journey short. 2. Finding somewhere I can socially distance and shield all at the same time or 3. Driving several miles home ( whilst strangely dancing which is dangerous in itself ) to answer the call of nature. This is very inconvenient as you can imagine but had there been said conveniences available I would only need to choose one option.
I will not mask my anger.this is a serious issue that needs addressing so please do not take 13 months to sort out the problem as I am aware that in 13 months you have achieved f..k all to date with the dominating issue that has affected all our lives which is crap if you think about it.
I realise this is long winded but I am one pissed of individual ( puns intended ) and this is pants.
I do not expect a standard reply to this such as all my letters to you and your cronies but a serious debate from all sources as mother nature will not go away . A simple yes we will open up everything immediately will suffice.

Your MHB ( aka dancing queen)..
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Re: The loo issue again

Post by Speedstick »

A "tour de force" of literature Miahoneybee. 😆
This is all part of the (cul-de sac) roadmap though isn't it, in other words legally you can now leave your cell, but in reality we would strongly prefer if you didn't.
The same with businesses yes they now will be opening 12th April, but again central and local government will disuade you from using these open businesses in case you might spread the rona you haven't got!!

Oh and don't get me started on the BBC's and Guardian's take on this one.
Something like this l guess, read all about it "Disgusting Covid idiot visits beach with two other people on it, just buy his granddaughter an ice&cream, and even worse they weren't wearing face nappies"
Following which Karen of Chipping Norton writes in demanding, both granddaughter and grandfather are put in the tower immediately!!

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