Peer Review Suffers from Regulatory Capture

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Peer Review Suffers from Regulatory Capture

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As well as the veneration of self-styled Experts as the new Priesthood there is a tendency amongst many to see Peer Review as "verified by God" rather than what it is: "here's something me and my mates agree with".

The problem is that the process has been hacked

This article by Risk Monger explains what is going on
So why don’t I just publish my articles in some academic journals or news organisations?

Academic journals have become more a tool in lobbying and activist campaigns than any academic endeavour or knowledge exchange. Journal editors often seek controversial headlines and click-bait rather than sound methodology. Replicability of findings no longer seems to be a valid question or an issue for retraction. University communications departments try to generate buzz and media attention for the smallest of citations. Activist NGOs and tort law firms see a “peer-reviewed article” in an academic journal as pure campaign gold (for the price of silver). But where is the scientific value and integrity in this process?
Once you have a Groupthink, peer review becomes worthless.

What we need is Skeptic Review.