Asymptomatic spread a myth

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Asymptomatic spread a myth

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Back in July in the comments of one of Toby's post I raised the question of asymptomatic spread which I received an excellent response in the above. Does anyone feel the idea of asymptomatic spreaders is a myth because I feel the idea of asymptomatic spreaders is just too convenient for lockdown zealots -

* If the idea exists asymptomatic spreaders exist, it is an effective way of spreading fear because the message is drilled in we could all be carriers of the disease and everyone around us could be carrying the disease. This can be used to regulate behaviour. For instance, if people gather in crowds and don't social distance they can be condemned as selfish disease carriers even if they have no symptoms.

* Placing the entire population in quarantine can be justified on the basis everyone is a potential disease carrier regardless of whether they show symptoms.

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Re: Asymptomatic spread a myth

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Covid 19 has one defining feature that sets it apart from every other known disease - its prime characteristic seems to be is that it has no symptoms whatsoever in the vast majority of "cases". Thus in a sealed darkened room occupied only by Schrodingers cat it spreads like wildfire. The more people who nominally have it, the less it actually exists. The late great Douglas Adams would have been proud to have invented the Covid concept - it is on par with his infinite improbability drive.

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