3rd wave here

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3rd wave here

Post by Laika »

Hear me out please, this has been bugging me all year.

I run a youth sports club amongst many other things and last November we had a huge surge in cases of kids being really sick, coughing, fever lethargic etc which was rapidly passed onto parents and staff. At my last count we had 24 parents who required medical help getting over this including 3 cases of suspected pneumonia.

My own twin babies also had this around Xmas time and struggled to breathe so much that we took them to a and e. When there the doctor remarked that he had never seen so many cases of flu like symptoms as he had over the past month yet all tests came back negative.

My wife is a teacher and during the end of 2019 she sometimes taught classes of just 4 kids as the amount off ill was crazy.

Looking on social media and searching things like flu december 2019 or pneumonia December 2019 brings up thousands and thousands of people all saying the same thing.

Can anybody shed more light on it, I'm stumped as to why its not more reported, particularly with France saying back testing has shown the virus to be circulating there in November.

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Re: 3rd wave here

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Hi I agree, I think the coronavirus has been circulating for much longer. In my area there was a nasty flu going round before christmas which was similar to covid.

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Re: 3rd wave here

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This happened where I live in Surrey at the end of December and into January.

It was a chest bug, leaving people with a terrible cough, I knew people who were bedridden with it for a couple of weeks. Despite being in contact with many of them I managed to escape it, I assume now it was the coronavirus. It was nothing like a normal cold. Most of the people I knew that got it badly were pensioners.

Would be interesting to know from others where in the country they live and what months it was around in their area, after January here it seemed to stop. I dont know anyone in my area who has been ill with it after that.

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