Why I'm afraid

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Why I'm afraid

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I originally wrote this as a submission to the site, but I couldn't find an email . I did find this forum, so I'll post it here instead. Sorry if the formatting is a little off when Copy and Pasted in here.


I don’t mind admitting that I’m very scared. Not of ‘the virus’, as honestly I only was very briefly, right back at the start of this. Then once we had some actual data from the Diamond Princess Cruise ship it was quickly apparent that while Covid was perhaps in the very nasty category especially if you were elderly, it was neither as infectious nor as deadly as any of us alert to the news had feared at first. Indeed that ship held 3,711 people on almost the most perfect possible incubation chamber you could have hoped for. A self-contained environment where people congregated together, used common facilities, restrooms and restaurants. If I myself were a virus, I would genuinely struggle to think of a better location for an outbreak. And yet only 712 people, or 1 in 5, became infected. Tragically, 14 died, horrible and devastating for the families. But given that Cruise ships clientele comprises almost exclusively of older citizens, then evidently the vast majority of them did not even get infected, much less get sick.

It looked to me that we had something resembling a bad flu year ahead of us. I relaxed knowing that the government would likely take sensible precautions, such as insuring adequate protections for the elderly. I myself phoned my parents in their 70s and offered to do food shopping for them if they wanted me to. At first my government did appear to be making all the right noises and lined up experts who said eminently sensible things. Then Piers Morgan began making himself heard very loudly, perplexing images starting coming out of southern Europe and we all know what happened next.

So what I am scarred of, perhaps very scared of is my government. Because over the course of the last year it’s getting harder and harder to remain faithful to my preferred narrative of this all being a great swell of hysteria and incompetence. Especially given what I see happening on the economic side. Increasingly I have great trouble sleeping, sometimes I become irritable and short tempered on those around me, and sometimes I wonder darkly if I didn’t have a family to support if I wouldn’t done something dreadful & self-destructive. I honestly don’t know if I could have coped as a single person shut away in a small flat somewhere. Much less if I had a business, my lifework destroyed so casually by a breezy and ever so cheerful health secretary. So I wanted to write, I don’t know if anyone will ever read this, but I’ll submit it to lockdown sceptics just in case. Because I’m fairly certain I’m not alone in feeling this dread about my government.

Why I feel this dread should be obvious to anyone paying attention. The government after shoving sick people into care homes and triggering a wave of deaths has used that springboard of fear to institute a level of authoritarianism I’m not aware of ever having been exceeded in British history and we appear to have become a police state.
I now see videos of police roughly manhandling people who look like my mother because they sat on a bench. I see police slamming people like me into the pavement with an almost gleeful exuberance for doing things that we had never though could possibly attract police attention, such as operating a small business, or just walking down a street while asserting their right to walk down a street. I see the home secretary proudly boasting of police operations to kick down the door of private residences to disrupt baby showers or children’s birthday parties. I see thousands of businesses destroyed, millions of jobs too, although the full horror of that won’t be seen until furlough inevitably ends. I see sick children dying in hospital without their parents allowed near them, I see millions of cancer screenings cancelled which we know will result in tens of thousands of people dying in horrific pain which was quite avoidable. I also see so many elderly people spending their last few precious years so desperately achingly lonely, often dying alone with the faces of masked care home workers hoovering in the distance, not loved one holding their hands bring them peace and comfort.

But perhaps most sinister and worrying of all. I see a 24/7 propaganda campaign so intense and forceful that even family members and people I respected my whole life are utterly consumed in it, refusing to believe that anything is wrong, or that the government would, could, lie to them, despite the government having lied to them in such an obvious way that even someone who only consume mainstream media content could not possibly miss if they did nothing more than remember the promises made and watch the goalposts constantly shifting right in front of their eyes. I’ve had people close to me literally shout me down as a conspiracy theorist for reminding them of what the government itself said only a few weeks ago. The fear is so consuming that they are even afraid of people telling them not to be fearful.
But I’m afraid because I’ve watched the so called conspiracy theorists get every one of their predictions proved right, time after time for a year now, and I don’t know what else they might be right about. What I do know is I have taken a good look at those theories and I can’t dismiss them without good cause, at least not yet. And that’s why I write, to set out and critically examine them even advance one that I never hear discussed except in financial circles, my former profession.

There are four main theories I want to discuss.

The Ferguson Theory
The first is also the most absurd. It’s the one advanced by our entire mainstream media and our government. Under this rather ridiculous scenario if the government had done nothing at all half a million people would have died of Covid. If the government had actually done nothing the main difference is that that huge surge in elderly deaths last April when the government shoved sick people into care homes would not have happened. The poor unfortunate people taken in by this barely lucid conspiracy theory think the only reason this did not come to pass was because small businesses were closed while we all shuffled past each other in Tesco’s, and because we were occasionally bullied into standing on yellow circles. The fact that states, regions, indeed entire countries which never locked down disprove this tripe does not seem to worry them much so diminished is their ability to look at data.

Governments has done everything in their power make this one appear true. Including completely reworking how deaths are recorded. Not so long ago I read an excellent piece by a coroner on how Covid deaths are being inflated. I shall not attempt to butcher the argument here, although the example I can’t get out of my mind is the unlucky American chap who was killed by coming off his motorcycle at speed, but following a recent Covid test coming back as positive, so was duly recorded as having succumbed to the great plague. Imagine for a moment if we recorded the deaths and then bellowed the figures constantly of anyone who had ‘died for any reason within 28 days’ of seeing Piers Morgan on television.

Mainstream Sceptics
I’m a fan of the London Calling Podcast where the affable Toby Young often refutes his co-hosts James Delingpoles dark warning of a Great Reset with an argument that essentially boils down to “I can’t think of any reason they would want to do that”.
This Mainstream Sceptic view is probably the sanest, its certainly the one I hope is true. It largely asserts that the government has become trapped in its own empire of fear. It has sacred its citizens so badly it can only maintain its phenomenal polling lead by continuing to pander to the fear it whipped up and now has no idea how to exit.
Under this view the hysteria and incompetence will eventually wither to just incompetence and normal service will resume, even though we will be in a depression and health and mental health epidemic that will dwarf the effects of Covid. Although there are a couple of major problems with this theory. To take a couple of very recent examples we recently discovered that at the same time the British government was strenuously refuting the idea of vaccine passports they had already commissioned eight separate pilot schemes to test them. How exactly do you explain that through the hysteria and incompetence lens? Furthermore did you notice how, as if on cue, western governments around the world all start talking about vaccine passports at the same time, is that just remarkable coincidence?

The Great Reset
Here at least we get to the meat of my concern. I’ll start by addressing the two central arguments that mainstream sceptics have against this view. Which are these: Why would they crash the economy? And how on earth could you get so many people in on this vast conspiracy?

To answer the first point I need to explain how it is central banks rather predictably respond to economic shocks. It’s not really complicated, and it’s always the same, they print money, a lot of money.

A fifth of all the USD that exist were created in 2020, and 2021 looks like it will blow that paltry effort out of the water. The bank of England is on a very similar trajectory. If you’re not a financial person you might be forgiven for thinking that such debasement would affect all money equally, that your wages would go up proportionally to your drop in buying power at the shop. But it really doesn’t work like that. The benefit goes to those closest to the issued money, so things like exchange traded commodities, stocks and bonds respond rapidly. Land and property catch up with a bit of a lag, usually only a few years, because after all you can’t print more land or even buildings. Wages of the common folk are amongst the last to respond, and actually they never see the full benefit. Which is why the average house in the UK in 1960 were £2,200 vs an average wage of £500, a 4 to 1 ratio. But by 2020 the average house was £230,000 vs an average wage of £28,500, and 8 to 1 ratio.

Some of you may hesitate here, after-all the mainstream media is always reporting that inflation remains low, that’s because the inflation measures presented to the public all record the effects that are visible at the very end of that chain, certainly not the start where the ‘inflation hedges’ are, as the rich like to call them.

This explains why 2020 was the biggest transfer of wealth in all of human history. Because the rich who own lots of these inflation hedges saw their net worth soar, which millions were bankrupted.

So why would the ominous ‘they’ crash the economy? Well, let’s say you were an insidious billionaire who set his mind to acquiring as much assets as possible. An economic crash benefits both sides of your equation, it makes your net worth bigger while also causing the thing you are buying to drop heavily, quite often out of bankruptcy. 2020 has been a hugely profitable year for billionaires.
The second reason people reject the great Reset Idea is they ask incredulously “How on earth could you get so many people in on this vast conspiracy?”
Well the truth is you really don’t need many people, indeed, a few dozen is enough if they are the right ones. The ones who can point governments and media all lumbering in a certain direction.

As a case in point let’s take for example our Health Secretary. A 42 year old with no experience of running anything, certainly nothing as daunting as the job of Health Secretary. If such a job was recruited nationally Matt Handcock wouldn’t get anywhere near the shortlist, let alone the interview stage. But instead it was selected from a pool of just 365 Conservative MPs and little Matt is very willing to please.

Our Matt doesn’t know how to run the health department, his senior civil servants probably have a better idea, but honestly not that much better. People who really can run huge organisations like that are usually in the private sector earning millions, and even then they often fail. But Matt does jet off to Davos every year with his senior civil servants to sit in a very exclusive lecture room. I imagine it something like this. Out strides a luminary like Bill Gates to introduce the talk, who then hands over to a selection of very seriously looking people with very smart PowerPoint presentations. After the talk Bill walks up to Matt, Bill knows who Matt is and even tells him how much he enjoyed a recent speech Matt gave. The fact that Bill probably received all this information and Matts name 30 seconds earlier from a discreet aide is neither here nor there, Matt is weak at the knees at this point.

So fast forward a year or two and it appears a Health crisis is erupting. Helpfully, Bill’s people call Matt’s people and remind them that they have been doing a great deal of serious thinking about this sort of thing. Indeed, the good people of Davos in association with the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation even war-gamed a Coronavirus outbreak in Oct 2019. (By the way, I’m not having to imagine that bit by the way, it’s really true a Coronavirus outbreak was planned in 2019, it’s called Event201 and it has its own YouTube channel) so these smart people start quietly steering Matt and his senior civil servants on what they should do. They also subtlety remind Matt that if they follow their lead, they will get the full backing of every major NGO and media outfits, but if he goes freelancing he will very publically be called out by those same NGOs and Media outfits. You will not be shocked to learn that in my imaginary scenario our Matt does exactly what he is told, believing all the time that he is following the best possible advice from the best possible experts.

At no point in my imaginary scenario does our Matt stop and question why it’s necessary to let all the large stock exchange listed retailers go about their business while all small businesses, hospitality and leisure outfits are closed. Our Matt sees no oddity in McDonalds remaining open while Gyms that dare open receive visits from armed police, and Councils padlock parks closed.

You see in my imaginary scenario politicians are little more than clueless puppets. And the only people you actually require to be in on this devious plot are a handful of people who control a small number of very influential NGOs and media organisations. Once something like this is up and running you can rely on the bandwagon effect and people’s fears to carry along the masses.

Finally, I would say to anyone who thinks that terms like Great Reset or Agenda 21 or other things Conspiracy theorists like to go on about are just made up, I would point out that they can buy a copy of the Great Reset written by Klaus Schwab or The UNs Agenda 21 on Amazon, I have both on my desk right now. You’re right if you think they are not conspiracy theories because they are quite open about the future they want, which is all the important decisions being made by a narrow elite. I read both and concluded I was reading about a type of eco-communism 2.0. But by all means read them yourself and take your own view.

So please let’s not let it be said that we can’t think of a reason why or how ‘they’ might be doing all this. But sadly I’m not done yet, I have another theory I am very sympathetic too, which is the view suggested by amongst others Robert Kiyosaki author of the best seller Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Banking Collapse
Robert Kiyosaki thinks that in September 2019 the shadow banking system collapsed and the pandemic was the excuses needed to cover it up. That one needs a little explaining, and I’m going to have to cut some corners to boil down a rather complicated subject.

Decades ago we had a financial system that was built on Gold and Silver. You could actually walk into a bank and hand over a £10 note and ask for your money, to be presented with its value in Gold. That’s why your bank notes say ‘I Promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of’ at the top. Try walking into a bank today handing over a £10 note and asking for your £10 and they will look at you like you’re an idiot.

Today that connection to Gold and Silver is long gone. As extraordinary as it is to believe our modern financial system is built on debt! We literally have a debt based financial system and the troubling implications of that is that debt must always expand, because it is mathematically impossible to pay off all the interest required without creating further debt. People who understand the money system are usually horrified to realize that the system will inevitably collapse at some point. The whole game is about kicking that can down the road as long as possible and central bankers have been extraordinarily successful at delaying that point, so far.

The most important bedrock on which more debt is built is Sovereign Debt. You may recall that following the 2008 financial crash there was a lot of talk about Sovereign debt default, there is a good reason for that. Let’s say that Spain were to default on it’s approximately $1 trillion of sovereign debt, that debt is collateral to perhaps another $40 trillion in other debt or derivatives. So one sovereign default in even a smaller economy would set off a chain of dominoes that couldn’t be stopped.
You may wonder why Sovereign default was in the news 24/7 for a while back in 2008 and never mentioned again. Well, it’s not because the structural faults in the world wide economy are now fixed, far from it, the problems are much bigger. And some like Robert Kiyosaki think that the second shoe has already dropped, we just haven’t been told.

One thing is for sure is that the economic shock we experienced a decade ago when loans in just one sector of the economy, housing, went bad. Is going to pale compared to the shock of shutting down vast sections of the world wide economy. Right now we are hearing nothing about this impending disaster, everyone is just pretending that all this debt is still perfectly good and serviceable, it isn’t.
Yet what this episode has achieved is handing central bankers the excuse to create money like crazy. No sooner has first $1.9tr stimulus gone out than the next $3tr begins its passage. It will probably be another $3 or $4tr after that, and more.
I can’t prove Roberts Theory, but what I do know is that if I were trying to frantically reflate a collapsed debt based financial system I would be doing exact what they are doing.

This scenario might be slightly less sinister than a worldwide plan for eco-communism 2.0. But the effects will be broadly similar. The average wage earner will have his or her economic viability crushed while their purchasing power flows to the elite. The effect this will have on the young in particular will be woeful as the prospect of actually ever owning anything will go from remote to impossible. It remains to be seen if they respond by abandoning the traditional financial system and embrace Crypto currencies or if they prefer a more traditional revolution.
Certainly a fearful elite worried about rebellious and freshly impoverished masses, might very much want to see the rapid construction of an authoritarian surveillance state.

I still just, and only just prefer the mainstream sceptic explanation for this utter self-inflicted calamity. But the reason I’m so afraid is because the more devious explanations are getting increasingly difficult to refute, and the implications are truly horrific. In both cases we are looking at impoverishment and control we have never seen in the western world.

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Re: Why I'm afraid

Post by miahoneybee »

An excellent post dan t that covers everything said on ls for months.
Some still cant believe this has been planned but has been government incompetence.i have never believed that. As you say somewhere along the line that would collapse and there would be some hope of a return to some sort of normal ( I use that word loosely) life but never as it was before with huge debts and more human misery to come.
The great reset which I think it has always been about is well on it's way and helped by the opportunity of a 'pandemic' to achieve it while nicely covering up another banking crisis caused by the banks. .
This has all been helped by placing people for years in powerful positions across all countries to be their puppets when the time was ripe and having total control of the msm with that control filtered into every area of life including education at all levels ( indoctrinate them young).
Can this be stopped??
Hope is there but so is the fear not of the rona but that if it's not the consequences of these evil and corrupt individuals controlling the worlds population is very scary indeed helped along by puppet governments.
The fear of our government is real and the fear of the asleep sheep walking blindly into a very dark future and taking us with them by their mass compliance is just as scary.

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Re: Why I'm afraid

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Excellent post Dan T.

Unfortunately you have every reason to be afraid. What is going on IS sinister. It IS planned and we are ushering in the Great Reset. The world as we knew it pre covid is gone.

The thing is like you most people know something is deeply wrong. Of course people can see they have been lied too. They can see the lies. However the truth is just too horrifying for the proles to accept. So what to do? Well they bury their heads in the sand and pretend it is not happening or that its "just incompetence blah blah blah".

We are heading into dark times. The relative peace and prosperity we in the west have taken for granted over the last few decades is over!

There is an agenda... A highly controlled technocracy. Depopulation. Zero Carbon. You will own nothing and you will be happy. The world post 2021 will make Orwell's 1984 look like a libertarian utopia in comparison!

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Re: Why I'm afraid

Post by funtimes »

And it's happening. And it will take a while for that to sink in for most people. Because you're at this point now you're already over the hill, even if you think you're not. Your mind might play tricks on you telling you that this isn't real and it's all going to be over. It's not going to be over. They really have flicked the switch this time and chosen the nuclear option. We are heading down the road towards a new world order and destabilizing individual countries and overriding their own way of doing things is the only way we can end up at the destination of a centralized global government. It's a power grab unlike anything ever seen in human history let alone the Western world. And it requires by it's very nature the reset of everything that holds everything together.

It's not the government you fear, it's simply fear itself. You cannot fear death because you don't know what death is like. You can imagine death and then relate what you think about it to what you fear but you're always fearing the mental construct, not the actual object itself. You cannot fear what you do not know or understand and what most of us fear is the end of life itself, which is what the purpose of fear is for. Same with anxiety. It's not the event you are anxious about but the content in your mind causing the anxiety.

It's now about what your life will become and how you will live it. The only way forward is to either surrender or fight. And it's happening around the world, despite the mainstream media avoiding the truth unless they can twist it. All around the world people are rising up so you're not alone. It's a war you're living through, it's just not a conventional one like people assume wars are. Conventional wars are last century. It's now about inflicting maximal damage without dropping bombs and affecting critical infrastructure without needing to destroy it completely. People need to be in a war state of mind and to understand getting distracted, wallowing, making excuses and many typical traits of battlefield fright isn't going to make the trauma go away. It's not about being a superhero but instead you are human, this sh*t hurts but you have no choice but to go forward. People don't want to accept they have been traumatized and this is partly what is holding many people back. It's the ego desperately trying to cling to a reality it once knew and was accustomed to. That reality has gone. And the only way to return to that reality is to face the adversary preventing you from doing so.

Those that aren't fighting are prisoners of the war. They've just been ushered into an alternative reality that makes them feel safe and secure and away from harm. They are still prisoners though, their fate will assure them of that at the minimum. Where this is heading is not towards freedom as we all knew it. For these people it's better to go with the so-called good guys who are really the bad guys, capitulate to Stockholm Syndrome, learned helplessness and trauma bonding and begin defending their captors than actually face the prospect of standing up and fighting back. Defending their captors in this scenario is like an abused woman defending her violent husband from the best friends who want to get her out of the violent relationship shes in. In that moment shes not thinking right. Her mind is f*cked and biologically she's fighting for survival only she doesn't realize it because the numbing effect of trauma and normalizing it has kicked in. Bingo. Right here is pay dirt for any predatory sociopathic/psychopathic dark and dangerous individual. You can only beat this by getting away from the environment triggering the stress that keeps you in flight or fight, in the vicious circle of normalizing. And because the narrative is being hammered every day, psychologically people have no escape. What they assume makes up their reality is now an echo chamber for danger, fear, imminent death, deadly viruses, poor hygiene, germs and bacteria and all the things we instinctively consider detrimental to our survival, especially death, that's pretty detrimental to survival, in the long run anyway.

Don't be a prisoner of war. It's that simple. And because you're not being forced to physically sit this out in a remote location and comply with being held a prisoner physically, you have a choice right now to leverage the bountiful world around you. You just have to believe it. And that's where the fear comes in. It's not real mate. The fear does not exist. Unless you can prove the danger is real then it's not fear. What are you fearful of? You're in fear of the government ultimately locking you away and taking your freedoms away and for life to be reduced to being an actual prisoner. Where is the evidence for that? It's something you've made up in your mind and that's happened because you've been fed the narrative that has produced the thoughts and beliefs that have led to the production of fear. Arguably it's not fear anyway because fear itself is the anticipation of imminent danger, something that will harm your life. And the anticipation is a thought process and thoughts are not reality. Thoughts help create our reality but they are not reality itself.

Where is that danger? Is someone or something going to harm you? I'd like to know how you can prove that. You can't? Get the f*ck back out into the world and start regaining a sense of normality then. You cannot sit idly by and assume someone or something is going to do the work you know you need to do to improve your life. You have to do that yourself. You can do it with others and that's always the preferred route but ultimately it's a personal journey and something you do alone. What you're experiencing here is the fact that in our society we rely so much on the external for our centering in reality. We rely on the 'other' as opposed to self as a key part of the process. When that external world becomes f*cked, we are f*cked too. We've seen things crumble precisely because of this - people believe their life is over is life external to them looks bleak. They forget about their inner resources. Close down the malls in town and people think the world is ending. Shut down McDonalds and people want to know if something major has happened. Ideally your internal reality should remain consistent, adaptive, solid, grounded in affirmations, reinforcing, validating. And this is the war I'm talking about. To many this is how they imagine it would be if there was an actual conventional war. It plays right into their imagination but also their... you guessed it... fears.

The psychology behind this entire thing is complex and it's no different from your typical narcissistic abuse. It utilizes key components of this abusive dynamic to ensure compliance, surrender, helplessness, isolation, invalidation, gaslighting etc. You're also looking at core concepts of social psychology in play here that gravitate around foundational research in this area.

The process of integration and healing cannot occur until the triggering events causing the trauma have ended.
This may not happen for a while. It's not like the psy-op is going to end anytime soon. Solution? Fight. You will be surprised how resilient the human mind is and how powerful it can become in facilitating huge shifts in consciousness that result in actionable plans. Right now is not the time for dwelling on things. We have the information we need. It's time to act on it.

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Re: Why I'm afraid

Post by MikeAustin »

Dan T wrote: Wed Mar 31, 2021 10:10 pm But the reason I’m so afraid is because the more devious explanations are getting increasingly difficult to refute, and the implications are truly horrific. In both cases we are looking at impoverishment and control we have never seen in the western world.
The first anti-covid measures perplexed me but, with the first lockdown, I began to wonder why governments were amassing great debts.
The workers make products. The wealth owners make profits by selling to the workers. The wealth owners make more profit by reducing the workers' wages. The workers cannot buy things so they borrow money from the wealth owners who then also get the interest. Then it plateaus with the workers barely able to pay off their debts.
The wealth owners then look to governments as gullible and narcissistic idiots who will take on loans to provide nice things that the public will appreciate and keep them in power. Hopefully, the public will not realise that they are the ones who have to service the loans.
Now what might threaten the idiots' hold on power? Being unable to protect those that vote for them? How about a war? Too risky. How about fear of a disaster? Hmm, something worldwide would be necessary - maybe climate change? OK, well that half worked. What else? Death, infection, disease? Yes, a pandemic would do nicely! And we could sell them jabs! Oh, and we could make those jabs a regular earner by modifying their immune systems so that they needed to repeat the jabs regularly.

So that could have been a plan - maybe it still is. But, underlying all of this is ignorance - at every possible level. The poor, witless conditioned masses do not scrutinise. They feel secure by relinquishing their responsibility and doing what they are told. The wealth owners seem oblivious to their own eventual demise. They cannot even enjoy the wealth that they amass because it is so vast. They are just hooked on amassing wealth, but it is like drinking salt water to quench thirst. I think they are more sad than those they prey on.

If any of this is going to stop, people have to get wise - all of them. That is really what everyone needs to be afraid of - an almost wilful misunderstanding and the foolish actions based on it. The self-serving attitude does not serve the self, let alone others.

This must include establishing a real sense of community - from the ground up. We are too over-organised from the top down. It heartens me to see the rise of the 'Stand in the Park' groups all around the country. It shows how people seek community and create it for themselves. Find your nearest one and join in!

Don't 'Build Back Better', 'Build Back Best'!

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Re: Why I'm afraid

Post by Speedstick »

Dan this is probably the best post l have ever seen on LS, bravo.
As Miahoneybee says it sums up everything perfectly. It's spine chilling, but sadly very very plausible.
I am also very very afraid now, can't sleep properly and unable to relax and enjoy anything in my life anymore, and sadly any family member or friend I attempt to discuss this with just shuts you down immediately.

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Re: Why I'm afraid

Post by flick »

Excellent and depressing but interesting but awful but anger inducing but great its written down so well, so thankyou and now I must go and focus on my life , my normal new normal , News ONCE a day , never listen to Matt Hancock too waffly or Piers Morgan .
Please come back with some answers .
Tomorrow, ...please

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Re: Why I'm afraid

Post by Theinstaller »

Dan, an excellent representation of what I believe many of us are thinking.

As to who this level of control may benefit, I came across a truly chilling book from the 90s which until the recent actions by people in government whom I'd thought were at least in part acting for the good of me and my family, I would have passed off as a 'conspiracy theory' work of fiction.

If you have time on your hands and a kindle, maybe give it a browse. The free sample was enough to get me reading it: "The Conspirators Hierarchy, the Committee of 300 by John Coleman"

It was written in a time before the ability to have mass surveillance of an entire population was possible, but it appears to have been the aim. Now it's almost here!

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Re: Why I'm afraid

Post by RichardTechnik »

Speedstick wrote: Thu Apr 01, 2021 6:55 am Dan this is probably the best post l have ever seen on LS, bravo.
As Miahoneybee says it sums up everything perfectly. It's spine chilling, but sadly very very plausible.
I am also very very afraid now, can't sleep properly and unable to relax and enjoy anything in my life anymore, and sadly any family member or friend I attempt to discuss this with just shuts you down immediately.
Dan T, and Mike A + MHB- very well explained. Speedstick, agree and understand your concern that family member or friends you attempt to discuss this with shut or shout you down immediately. We all have this. But I sense a tide turning - where more and more people are waking up to the lies. And planning how they will protect themselves against this monstrous evil. It happened in occupied Europe in the 40s - a different version will happen again.

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Re: Why I'm afraid

Post by Fudge »

Excellent original post DanT and proceeding reply posts.

"Three weeks to flatten the curve"...and yet here we are. So much has become normalised that 12 months ago would have been ridiculed. We all have our views on the next 12months and the feelings of 'fear' are ok. Fear is one of the main emotions triggered by the limbic system during time of threat (real or perceived) which fires up the amygdala hippocampus to fight, flight or freeze. Also known as the reptilian part of the brain. as although 'we' like to think we're well evolved, we are not. The same primal animalistic and evolutionary drivers remain; eat, fuck, sleep, repeat. The limbic system is constantly assessing threats to these, as it did millennia ago, in particular will 'I' be eaten.

Roll on to present day and the limbic system and AMH remains pretty unchanged whilst the 'predators' may have changed form, the predators still remain and our system responds to this. This is why the (disgraceful) psychological campaign of fear was, is and will remain more deadly than any virus. As Funtimes has pointed out, it's the emotion/feelings of "fear' that are at the core of behaviour.

Asking oneself the following questions and funnelling down the feelings, thoughts and behaviours can be useful;

1) what am I fearful off?
2) what does this feel like? where in the body?
3) have I felt these feelings before? when? what happened? where do they come from? are they my fears or those of others projected onto me?
4) How old was I when these things happened?
5) what did "I" need at that time that wasn't received?
6) what can 'I' at todays age say to the younger 'I' to support them?
7) what triggers that are happening now can be linked to past events.
8) what needs to change, what can I change?
9) How can I use 'fear' to make the changes in a positive way (environmental or psychological or both)

Whether this fear is based on subjective experience or objective reality. Do we want to react to the subjective fear (react as in re act / re enact past behaviour possibly based on past experiences of 'threat' which can be conscious or unconscious and if you want to go out there a bit further 'hereditary' instincts) or respond in a way that is different to these?

Trust the sense of fear! If its paralysing you then go through the questions to try and find the root cause. It's paralysing for a reason, primal animalism hereditary and/or experience based.

In no way shape or form have I conquered 'fear', its not possible (apart from very limited cases in a very small minority) as I'm an animal with a reptilian segment of brain that wants to protect 'me' via the process of instantly trying to decide whether to fight, flight or freeze to protect the 'me in me' from any real or perceived threat. This is why military training for combat troops is so long, intense and thorough. It's psychological designed to break the recruit down, to 'help' them unlearn previous behaviour and thought patterns, and discard those not psychological malleable enough to become a very effective and efficient uniformed and legalised weapon. It's brutal for a reason. When it kicks off, the now 'trained' soldier is less likely to revert to 'freeze or flight'. The phrase 'Trust the training, trust the drills" is there to promote 'fight' but with the lethality of the training.

So, coming back on track, 'we' have the ability to rewire our neural pathways and unlearn. By identifying what makes us frightened and where it comes from etc we're better placed to contain it and if necessary use the power of it in a different way. The more we confront the feelings of fear, identify the origins etc the less power they can have over us.

Fear is ok. Feel it. Ask yourself the questions. React to it or respond differently to it? Use the fear to make the changes. Its taken billions of years of evolution for you to get here, fear has been a key survival instinct in this process. Trust it and go with it, even if its crushing at times, keep working it back to the core and decide to react or respond. Fear is ok,

Hope this isn't to preachy, it comes from my heart, experience and training.

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