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Letter to MP

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Does anyone have a letter they have sent to their MP regarding Covid passports, that they wouldn't mind sharing. Thanks

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Re: Letter to MP

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A bit specific to the reply I had from mine but this is what I sent.

Could you please explain to me how you reconcile the below statement made by yourself,

I was sorry to read of your concerns relating to the possibility of domestic vaccination passports, however I should like to reassure you that the Government has no plans to introduce such a measure domestically.

With the following BBC article


Do you take pleasure in misleading your constituents? I'm disgusted with your governments lack of transparency throughout this whole saga. New policies seem to be constantly leaked to the press to guage public opinion, denied then initiated. You may take us for fools but I think this will be the last time we have a conservative government for a long time. Coming from someone who voted for yourself in the previous election I will be glad to see the back of this government. If you could answer my above queries it would be appreciated.

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Re: Letter to MP

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The problem is that if this whole fiasco shows anything it shows the extent to which the global state apparatus is pursuing policies that appear to arise outside them and have nothing to do with either political-philosophical rationate or moral commitment or any kind of tradition. If anything it shows how utterly bankrupt the Tory party is. How can you square any of it with any conception of liberty or freedom? In what way are they conserving traditions, the whole project has been to use a virus that has been very heavily signified so as to manipulate the population using fear to assault the very basis of any collective forms of life.

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Re: Letter to MP

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I wrote to my MP. She is Labour, so I played on the inevitable racial disparities regarding jab take up and the way that would lead to de facto discrimination. I also mentioned the cost and the restrictions to civil liberties - obviously not concerns for Labour MPs but hey worth a go...

Unfortunately, she is in a safe seat and there is no prospect of any political party actually challenging C passports, so there is no pressure on her. I really did it for the sake of my conscience rather than any prospect of her voting against.

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Re: Letter to MP

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Bambi wrote: Sat Apr 03, 2021 11:19 am Does anyone have a letter they have sent to their MP regarding Covid passports, that they wouldn't mind sharing. Thanks
Here's mine:

Dear Mr blah,

We oldies grew up in a political climate dominated by the cold war and the imminent threat of nuclear annihilation. In all that time, we never resorted to "Ihre Papiere" bitte conditions, it's just not done in Britain and if we must forego dance halls, the pictures or football games for the time being, I don't care about foreign holidays, let's do without , much more important to get the pubs open on time.

asymptomatic transmission is next to impossible (that was all just fake news), and outdoors transmission is next to impossible as well.

It is quite sufficient to vaccinate the 50% most vulnerable and get back to normal immediately. So let's please forget Vaccine Passports and focus on something useful like helping all the children who have not been taught to read due to useless, crackpot, fascist lockdowns? They must be taught to read since we have loaded their generation with £400,000,000,000 of unnecessary debt, we have ruined our kids for nothing.

your truly,


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