Anyone Have the Faintest Idea What's Going on?

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Re: Anyone Have the Faintest Idea What's Going on?

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Rudolph Rigger wrote: Mon Apr 05, 2021 6:50 pm They've moved the goalposts so many times now I can't even see the bloody things.

Does anyone have any idea what this bunch of clueless prats are doing?
I just turned BBC radio 2 on and they had some government virus expert on saying “we don’t know the effect of the vaccine and will not know for 4 or 5 months”.

So, the whole thing is a f***ing experiment! Why did you push people to take the stuff if you are so clueless?

What is happening now are the actual “human trials” that never happened as part of the “approval” process.

And so why the vaccine passport? If you don’t know how effective they are?

It is exactly as Bossche has been saying: the vaccines may be safe on an individual level, but on a population level, he is predicting mayhem. As for Yeadon (who was Chief Science Officer at Pfizer), he goes further and says they may actually be dangerous even on an individual basis.

Israel, which has one of the highest vaccine percentages, is reporting a rise in “all other deaths” but not covid. And everybody is saying “we don’t know why”. There are only two suspects: lockdown and vaccines. The only two things out of the ordinary.

And then, just to make it a perfect start to the day, I read this: ... mask-spat/

I was planning to have a dry week, but don't think I can hold out!

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Re: Anyone Have the Faintest Idea What's Going on?

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RichardTechnik wrote: Mon Apr 05, 2021 11:41 pm
So why no VaccPasses or doctor's notes for the flu vaccines then ???????????????????
It is not regarded in the same seriousness.

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Re: Anyone Have the Faintest Idea What's Going on?

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fon wrote: Tue Apr 06, 2021 8:48 am It is not regarded in the same seriousness.

Except risk wise for under 50s, it IS as serious.
... and thats the issue. Everything is covid focussed. Complete tunnel vision.

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Re: Anyone Have the Faintest Idea What's Going on?

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fon wrote: Tue Apr 06, 2021 8:48 am
RichardTechnik wrote: Mon Apr 05, 2021 11:41 pm
So why no VaccPasses or doctor's notes for the flu vaccines then ???????????????????
It is not regarded in the same seriousness.
Do you mean (flu) is not regarded as seriously ? or (flu) is not regarded to be as serious ?
Either position is absurd as the IFR is pretty much the same.

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Re: Anyone Have the Faintest Idea What's Going on?

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Splatt wrote: Tue Apr 06, 2021 10:49 am
fon wrote: Tue Apr 06, 2021 8:48 am It is not regarded in the same seriousness.
Except risk wise for under 50s, it IS as serious.Everything is covid focussed.
Don't tell them that, you mug, or there will be social distancing and maska and vaccPassses for flu!!! Let them think flu is not as serious as covid.

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Re: Anyone Have the Faintest Idea What's Going on?

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I read yesterday that the Department of Work and Pensions has admitted causing psychological harm to those in incapacity benefit as it was. I have been on it since 2002. It makes you realise the state apparatus has become far more confident in its understanding of how to isolate, demoralise and the victimise people. There is a video here: ... ni856.html

We have seen successive groups be demonised, in the mid-80s the miners were "the enemy within", then they created massive unemployment in those communities and then, twenty years later, people started hating on "scroungers" and "parasites" and here we now are. I know it is a cliche but it does make you realise what Martin Niemöller was referring to:

First they came for the Communists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Communist

Then they came for the Socialists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Socialist

Then they came for the trade unionists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a trade unionist

Then they came for the Jews
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Jew

Then they came for me
And there was no one left
To speak out for me

You realise how far we are from any kind of society that might develop human potentiality, and you also realise how bleak it is going to get. The processes that have occurred over the last thirty years have been an assault on forms of collectivity that are not those of the elites and which are therefore pathogenic from the standpoint of the elites, now they are going to use the threat of a pathogen that, since it is invisible, they can signify as they wish and we are dependent on these significances for our appreciation of its reality and finish the job.

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Re: Anyone Have the Faintest Idea What's Going on?

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My lockdown scepticism started in early April last year when I realised that the virus was of no material risk to anyone under 50 and they were deliberately inflating covid death numbers. Fair to say I could never be described as a conspiracy theorist so was somewhat surprised to find myself drifting from the mainstream view.

As we moved into the Autumn things started to make less and less sense to me. I have a well-paid job a large part of which is analysing complex qualitative and quantitative data and making decisions that affect many people on the back of it, so have a natural interest in the covid data and what it is being used to justify. At this point I started to get a horrible feeling that we were being lied to by our government, or at best there was an obvious misuse of statistics to justify lockdown and the shutting down of our economy and why on earth they might do this.

I tried to talk about this to people, presenting evidence, but found no one had any interest in listening to me. Debate shut down by referring to the ICU in Liverpool on the BBC news or being shouted down and called David Icke etc .

We're now at the point where I have no doubt at all that this has nothing to do with a virus anymore. The desire to shut down any debate whatsoever has escalated, no one stops to ask why Florida etc has fared better than states with strict lockdowns, and things get stranger and stranger by the day. For instance I'm a very very occasional tweeter and even then only ever reply to tweets. However my lockdown scepticism has clearly triggered something as no one views my tweets anymore so must have been shadow-banned (where I'd previously get 100s of likes its maybe 1 or 2 now and says only e.g. 12 views when replying to someone with 10s of thousands of followers). And Susan Michie has blocked me somehow despite never replying to her or mentioning her in a tweet (no loss there but just find weird)!

Even the twice weekly tests announcement is proving divisive as friends are now asking to confirm will be testing ourselves before meeting outside the pub next week.

So I found myself earlier questioning just how sinister a situation have we found ourselves in? What is the actual end-goal? I suspect its the digital ID and repurposing our cities as smart cities. But is it even worse than that?

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Re: Anyone Have the Faintest Idea What's Going on?

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Rob976 : My sentiments exactly. I no longer voice my opinion. And I too, am a logical kind of person struggling to understand how the facts and figures justify the extraordinary measures.

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Re: Anyone Have the Faintest Idea What's Going on?

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Honestly mate you need help

funtimes wrote: Tue Apr 06, 2021 3:58 am You are traumatized. You are a victim of a psychological operation. You want to ignore all the warning signs and then return to a small bulletin board on the internet to reinforce the denial and despite any sort of replies challenging your perceptions you're more happier to continue living in the delusional psychosis caused by the last year and suffer at the same time by cognitive dissonance causing your perceptions to be distorted by a constantly changing narrative that at it's core seeks to induce learned helplessness and disorientate you making you vulnerable to suggestion, which is behavioural change in this instance.

This is what they do to people they torture at classified interrogation sites across the world. They detach you from your senses so that you do not know what is going on anymore. If you've ever watched a relatively decent movie about secret government torture programs or read about the techniques used this is a main theme. When you can detach someone from reality you can suspend them in time and space. This is the only way humans can distinguish themselves from their external environment. This is the only way they can navigate the world through this ability to gauge where they are in relation to time and space. This is why if you've ever been held in a normal police station cell before you'll probably feel like you are there forever. Why is that? Cells are designed to reduce the sensory stimulation a prisoner receives. They are designed to subdue through deprivation. Notice the similiarities yet? That's why people don't like being in police cells. It's not that they are a dangerous place to be. Your mind is a dangerous place under environments that reduce everything down. Whatever you perceive about them becomes reality and all that happens because time and space is essentially distorted. Add in a slab to sleep/sit on, a dirty bog standard metal bowl to p*ss in and some drab colours and the rest is history. Most people will learn their lesson simply by being in a cell. That is the punishment? Why? Well now you know. It's psychologically torturous to many people to have everything stripped away and to have to spend time in a deprived environment. Compare that to now and it's exactly the same.

What is the aim of being in a cell? Behavioural change. What is going on now in the world? Behavioural change?
What are the government doing to achieve that? Taking everything away. They are depriving you of any sort of attachment to time and space, to your senses, to being able to process things, they are taking things away and then giving them back but then changing the rules further encouraging learned helplessness and cognitive dissonance, both states that are often used to leverage control over people, especially in abusive relationships. Anybody whose been abused will know this. You can subdue someone by making them give up and you don't need to physically force somebody to give up in order to make that happen. Many domestic violence incidents are not physical. They are mental/emotional/psychological. They take aim at the persons identity, their value systems, their perceptions. The aim is to disarm the victim by means of distorting their relationship with themselves and others. Create rules that don't make sense. Change the rules. Never make it okay to question them. Give them the illusion of control and freedom in order to enhance the chances of cognitive dissonance even more and create the doubt that leads to normalizing and even defending the abuse/abuser. Viola.

All this is coming through the mainstream media constantly therefore not allowing most people to actually integrate and heal from the cognitive dissonance and acknowledge they are traumatized in the first place. This is why they say you shouldn't watch MSM in the first place. They don't say it's brainwashing for no reason! Now you understand why. And just because it's not usually weaponized doesn't mean it's not capable of influencing you to embrace a manufactured reality.. This is then being repeated by friends and family, it's being presented in theatrical manner out in public by way of manipulating group psychology (much like the relationship dynamics of cults) in order to provide the illusion of credibility but also of mass consensus that was is happening is okay, increasing peer pressure, guilt complexes, fear of isolation and invalidation. There is nothing to see here. This then creates a feedback loop whereby you must comply also or otherwise not be part of the group. This is the behavioural change SPI-B had in mind when they mentioned how fear was not high enough in the population. They don't need to be a scientist to see it. And so they set about setting fire to the underlying foundations of peoples realities, and now we're back at what I discussed above. This is why there are growing complaints about the ethical implications of the UK government during the pandemic. Why? Because the same techniques used in torture are being used on the general population. It's that simple. In prison systems and also interrogation it's a common thing to manipulate group dynamics in order to isolate particular individuals and/or groups in order to disrupt group bonds and the ability to share information, plan things etc. The same that is happening now with all forms of social communication heavily restricted and gathering prohibited therefore reducing the chances of organized response. This is where the echo chamber effect comes from because the access to information has been streamlined in order to create a polarizing effect where you are either in or you are out. Not just that but the deprivation effects as mentioned above and the restrictions on gathering and organizing has prevented people from regaining their composure and addressing the underlying issues and those underlying issues are the experiences they are going through and not solely the measures being taken.

You must understand the experiences first because the experiences are creating the reality that you don't know what's going on, exactly as you said. If you did know what was going on ie you were not being deprived of sensory stimulation and the ability to navigate this environment using all your resources, you'd be able to identify the problems and rectify them. This would lead to you not complying with the lockdown measures and likely this would then lead to others not doing the same also. Before you know it you have millions of people not complying and the government cannot do what they want to do. And so the pressure must continue to be put on people in order to ensure on an individual level the risk of unwanted outcomes ie challenging what is going on is reduced drastically. The public have been subdued and they have been subdued in this way through torture.

You can read this or not. Either way I don't give a f*ck. You keep bi*ching about this but you're not willing to even contemplate the fact that you've been f*cked over and you're now reeling from the prolonged torture you have been put through. You and many others create posts and not one of them is welcoming of intelligent and viable possibilities such as the fact you've been subject to a government mandated psychological operation. And if you are, why do you keep asking what is going on? The psy-op is what is going on! And yes, even though it hasn't been torture stuck to a chair or put in stress positions or even imprisoned doesn't mean that you haven't been tortured. People are looking for the old fashioned army at the gate conquest. This is the 21st century. Most wars are fought under the radar. You can fight a war and not even touch down in that country these days. You can bring down a man without even being within a 1000 miles of him. Just ask anybody whose been victim to social media trolling. They never had to come in guns blazing. Just prolonged attacks can gradually break someone down and this can be done from the other end of the world and from a smartphone.

People need to wake up. This is what makes them so vulnerable. And this is what puts you in the same pile as the so-called bad guys or the believers.
You're no different. You are two sides of the same coin. Both sides are as f*cking mindless and brainwashed. Both are chasing the narrative like the narrative is the game to be played. The narrative is the distraction. What they are DOING and HOW they are DOING thing is what people should be looking at. Don't look at the words, look at the actions. And the actions have been obvious. You've been f*cked by your own government. Stop entertaining the possibility of them turning good again. Stop waiting for the lockdowns to end. Stop consuming all the bullsh*t being spun out at a rapid clip. Stop trying to desperately find friends in all this chaos based on whether they vote blue or red or whether they like tomato ketchup or brown sauce. Stop asking questions you know the answer to and start answering questions about possible solutions. If this is a psychological operation you need to be countering it by acknowledging first that IT IS a psychological operation. Oh wait but maybe it's really true. What even is this about? Oh wait 30 seconds ago I knew that it was a psy-op but now I'm not sure. Is it? Is it not? Am I even real? What even is my life? Did I even exist? Did some drop acid in my drink?

You bunch of f*ckwits.
Wake the f*ck up.
You won't like this message because its the cold hard truth.
You want consoling, you want mummy and daddy to rock you back to sleep again, you want people to go back to pretending their lives were great before all this happened and sweep all the problems prior under the rug like they now got dealt with because of COVID-19, you want to shops to re-open so you can resume your parasitic consumer habits, you want to be able to rejoin the cultural sickness that plagues the country and the Western world and has made people greedy, self absorbed, empty and disillusioned. You want to go back to being able to spend your weekends intoxicated because the week day is too hard to cope with so it's easier to give yourself alcohol poisoning instead of realign your priorities. You want to be allowed to be distracted again and lulled into a false sense of security while your life fades away day by day but hey at least you won't notice because you're in auto-pilot mode and driven by primitive impulses. If you crash and burn at least you can't be blamed. You want selfies by the pool on holiday to show all your friends how cool you are and how amazing your life is while you sup your beer and have to be careful you don't f*ck with the psychiatric meds you're on. You want the news to be dialled back to it's usually socially acceptable configuration for propaganda because this is oh too much for your baby eyes and ears. You want social media to go back to being just about narcissism and mental illness disguised as socially acceptable behaviour and people trying to be people they are not, instead of it being solely about COVID-19. You want society to go back to being sick and for culture to go back to being sick so you can be sick as well only not just sick with COVID-19. You want the old f*cked up world back like it wasn't the same f*cked up as it is now and like it will be completely different to any f*cked up world in the future.

What is going on buddy? Ah, nothing to see here. Just people getting their dues for the world they helped to create, the societal issues they chose to ignore because it wasn't relevant, the sick and twisted culture we live in that promotes everything that is toxic and destructive about humanity they chose to partake in. They say in life you don't get what you want you get what you deserve. I guess what's really going on then is people are being treated like they deserve to be treated. Nobody cared about any of this until it all of a sudden became relevant to them. And now it's relevant because their egos have been bruised and they can't brag about how amazing their lives are anymore. The illusion has faded away and now they are left to see how truly sh*t their lives always were when the Christmas decorations come down and the facade of everybody merry fades away Move along... Get back on the conveyor belt...

Lockdown sceptics? Ha. More like lockdown jailbirds. You've all spent your life in prison. It's called the realities you live in and have lived in all your life. Most of you probably haven't even questioned what reality is until COVID-19 came along. Any of you actually done any work on yourselves or is the only work you do the socially acceptable kind ie hard labour for f*ck all?

Welcome to the mental illness of Western society. Soak it up. Recognize you are a part of it. Do something about it. It's been around far longer than COVID-19.

Rudolph Rigger
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Re: Anyone Have the Faintest Idea What's Going on?

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Rob976 wrote: Tue Apr 06, 2021 1:59 pm My lockdown scepticism started in early April last year when I realised that the virus was of no material risk to anyone under 50 . . . .
Excellent post Rob,

Mine too. It was early April last year when I looked at the mortality curve and computed the 2nd derivative and found that the thing was decelerating before lockdowns could possibly have had any effect. This suggested to me that the most significant driver of infection was the virus itself - in other words, the virus gonna virus.

This was further confirmed by comparison with the Swedish data. It was clear to me that lockdowns were not going to have a significant effect - despite the millions spent on their marketing campaign. I'd also worked out by then that the overall IFR was going to come in at around 0.3% (give or take). It's even lower than that taken as a worldwide average - with the latest work from Iaonnidis putting it at 0.15%

I honestly couldn't see what the frig everyone was panicking about.

The lies and untruths and bizarre proclamations then came thick and fast. Very little of it made sense - and looking at anything more closely just deepened the question "what the hell are they playing at?"

Lockdowns, masks, asymptomatic transmission, the absurd change in death registrations, the very worrying censorship and lack of open debate, the bizarre rules (including seeing a "serious" discussion about whether scotch eggs constituted a substantial meal - just profoundly weird) - well, you already know the list and don't need me to trot out the long. long litany of utterly insane rules and proclamations. Not to mention the utterly bogus "science" they based all this on.

As for being of no material risk for anyone under 50 - well you tell me whether 1499 deaths in 2020 (England and Wales) out of a population of 37 million under the age of 50 constitutes a "material" risk. Hmmm. I wonder what your answer might be :lol:

The completely bizarre pantomime we've witnessed in 2021 is beyond belief. I never thought this country could stoop so low - or so many of its citizens be so scared and unthinking.

As someone said on a forum "these people don't need a covid test - they need an effing IQ test"

It's hard to describe just how irrational and bizarre this last year has been - and very difficult to explain with any "conventional" explanation. If you add in the deliberate attempts to stoke up the fear, the very deliberate and co-ordinated censorship, and the deliberate untruths and downright lies we've been told, that "conventional" explanation begins to look more and more tenuous. It's quite something, as someone who has always eschewed conspiracy theories, to find that the conspiracy theories actually start making more sense as a way to explain things. But I still opt out of them (just).

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