When push comes to shove

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When push comes to shove

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So I hate what's happened to the country this past year. It's awful and consequences could be horrendous.

But without a democratic opposition we are going to have vaccine passports. My wife will be forced into having a vaccine being frontline NHS. Who knows what my office employer will decide on. We will be ostracised from normal life, pubs, clubs, anywhere. This is all a strong possibility.

Please don't lecture me (too much) but if the pressure becomes overbearing...which medical procedure should I sign up to? It is difficult to rationalise the irrational, but my thinking is that if I'm to inject an unnecessary substance into my body I would prefer to avoid mRNA stuff which seems more experimental. I heard Sputnik V was traditional vaccine technology but no sign of UK bringing that in. What about Johnson & Johnson? I heard it's not mRNA and might be an ok choice?

I'm not giving up...just wanted to seek advice from you good people on this matter. There may come a point where our employment or enjoyment of life becomes dependent on government's mandate re vaccines and we have to cave. I would warmly appreciate your input.

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Re: When push comes to shove

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My rationale is, if forced to have one at all i'd go for one that (i) is lower risk and (ii) works.

So that'd be Pfizer or Moderna.

AZ seems to have far more side effects, potential issues with clots if you're young, zero efficacy against variants and much lower reduction in infection and transmission than Pfizer/Moderna.

Sputnik (unlikely to get approved any time soon) is basically AZ but more effective due to the fact it uses different vectors between first and second dose.

Personally if i had the choice i'd go Johnson though (if/when it gets approved) purely because its a single dose so gets the misery over and done with in one go.

That said, if you're in the UK, you won't have a choice in the matter and it'll almost certainly be AZ.

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