COVID Marshals

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COVID Marshals

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I have started to take a keen interest in Covid marshals operating in mainline stations. This was triggered by a casual observation that they seem to do nothing. I admit to having stood & watched groups of them at Euston, Liverpool St, Charing Cross & Waterloo. They wear pastel coloured hi-viz vests that sometimes bear the name of an employing agency, eg. SES Group. Sometimes there is an encouraging slogan like "Here To Help". They stand & play with their phones, joke around with other "marshals", strut around with fake authority or stare into infinity. They actively avoid contact with the travelling public. I saw one repeatedly turn down an earnest request to intervene from a nice Polish family who had been waiting for the public toilets to open at Charing Cross when a large group of drunks pushed in front of them in the queue. The marshal stoutly refused to even move off his "spot". Occasionally I see them joking around with police officers who are also present in mainline stations for no Earthly reason. The police officers also do literally NOTHING. Crime has collapsed & was rare in mainline stations anyway except for the odd drunk. I once saw a Covid marshal wave someone the "right" way round the pointless 1-way system at Liverpool St. That is the only time I have EVER seen one actually do something. They ALL need to be sacked immediately and the police need to be told to go & catch some criminals. It is a disgrace that we are paying for this nonsense. I read some time back that "marshals" were paid £30,000 p/a which is incomprehensible for a do-nothing job, I would love to see a job description. Does anyone have similar experiences or am I becoming bitter & twisted?

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Re: COVID Marshals

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don't think you're mad.. i saw similar when i walked past a walk in testing centre in crewe... a very very large marquee, which was very very empty, except for, i think about 5 people in hi vis.. 1 sat on the floor, on their phone.. a few stood talking, a couple more mooching about.. absolutely nothing happening.. proper ghost town scenario.. perhaps they should be given litter picking sticks and some bin bags.. could be more useful to the community !

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