The Covid Swerve

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The Covid Swerve

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A friend recently told me about this new phenomenon:

The "Covid Swerve".

Sounds like the next best hip thing since Chubby Checker did The Twist or Little Eva swung to The Locomotion?!

But, it turns out to be: when someone takes a detour to distance themselves from you, because they fear you are about to murder them with coronavirus :twisted:

People wearing smiles rather than masks probably most likely to encounter this.

Sadly, despite being firmly in the "smile" cohort, I cannot think of any swerves inflicted on me :cry:

The nearest thing was walking down a supermarket isle a couple of weeks ago, when one masked gent stuck his back to the fridge/wall and exhaled deeply, to give me as wide a berth as possible (and I am not that fat either!).

Not sure that counts as a "Swerve", but I think we should keep count and perhaps have a "Swerves League" :D

(And, by the way, any aspiring musicians who think of putting musical notes/choreography to the Covid Swerve, please do remember me on the IP rights.)

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Re: The Covid Swerve

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Dont give in to the fear. And do not become a victim of the delusional psychosis and end up in the headspace you find most people in. This is where it can become easy to contract the contagion as you experience the energy of those around you and sense something isnt quite right. What isnt quite right is the inner workings of peoples minds and this is then being projected outward in their behaviour and body language, verbal and nonverbal. This then compels others to act in order to anticipate the danger others seem to be identifying in close proximity. It is essentially the "There is a tiger over there! Watch out!" cue we are all hardwired to recognise and respond too that served genuine purposes throughout our evolution when our world was a different place.

The difference is today we live in a very different world to our ancestors and while our brains are built for a different time in our history our environment reflects a completely different reality and fortunately a reality that we have sought to remove as many real threats to our lives as possible. Limited wild animals for example with most a threat to humanity eradicated in the UK with the exception of angry cows, sheep, pigs etc but lets be honest the chances of being hurt or killed by these creatures is very low. We have high standards in all aspects of our society thus driving up life expectancy, quality of life but also making society safer. For everything else danger is relative to our environment and most dangers we are aware of and have mitigations in place for and we balance these risks with the ability to live a functional life. In all occasions we strike a deal and we live our lives never really coming into any significant danger unless of course we seek that danger out, directly or otherwise.

The fear is what is driving most peoples desperation and that desperation is fuelling their primitive reactions to the perceived danger. In this state you will see seemingly normal human beings turn into animals. They forget the ability to navigate the perceived threat and instead go into fight or flight mode, or fight, flight or freeze. This will be what you are experiencing when people swerve to avoid you because the object of their fear is the belief that something is very wrong with interacting with others even if its just passing somebody in the street. Normal activities now come with a disclaimer that these normal activities are very dangerous and feeling safe is out of the question. People then seek to feel safe but of course they cannot and so they are stuck in a state of limbo and therefore paralyzed only exacerbating their fear. This is then increasing experiences of anxiety, dissociation, fear, paranoia, states very similiar to psychotic breaks and usually breaks caused by extreme stress/trauma. Delusional psychosis particularly is a disorder well known to psychiatry and based on statistics a growing disorder in the general population with increases in all age groups, particularly older men. It is a very real issue and it existed long before this happened.

You must understand this. It is an illness but YOU do not have to become ill just because others are. When you go out, it is not YOU experiencing these disordered states, it is those around you and it can be difficult to process what is going on when it can sometimes be compelling to entertain the content of these disordered states as if they were representative of how things are for you and for everybody else. This is usually called a shared delusion or folie à deux. It is very possible for delusions to be transferred to those in the presence of a delusional person. And when this transference is considered acceptable and we have no interventions in place, usually some form of psychiatric intervention and/or health/social policies to protect the public, it can be even more convincing to believe you MUST assume this is very real and when in fact it is a delusion. And now YOU are in a state of fear and hypervigilance but this serves no purpose other than to reinforce the state as normal and to allow the delusion to be normalized.

It is important then to put feeling safe as a top priority but inverse to the narrative. What the narrative portrays as safety is actually dangerous to your health. What is safety though is understanding you are safe anyway and you are very unlikely going to be in any danger and that those around you are not a danger to you or in any real danger either despite the role they are playing. The natural state of your being is safety. You do not need to try hard to reach this state as we naturally seek it anyway and we find ourselves in it most of the time. Through our common sense we have developed strategies for dealing with life and these havent just become obsolete. Now they are needed more than ever.

It is just a role after all and so do not forget this. It is a superficial layer of their identity built to rationalise their disorder(s) as a defensive strategy built being a defensive strategy seeking to rationalise the irrational it is dysfunctional and unstable by nature and so very easily broken. This is why people are so defensive because they have no feasible protection from what they experience as they are powerless to realize all they have to do is change their perceptions and threat disappears. Beyond this you have what actually exists underneath, which is obviously the disorder. We are not seeking to dig any deeper into the personal history of these individuals or the structuring of their personality and so it is irrelevant how they present themselves beyond this. What is relevant is understanding the symptoms of their disorder presenting itself in particular behaviours and as a "role playing story" they feel obligated to act out. It is projection. The story IS the illness and all behaviours linked to it.

Any behaviours of aggression, passive or otherwise, verbally articulated threats or otherwise, are indicative of the projection. The mere presence of someone wearing a mask may result in these behaviours. Assume they are sick and at the least in a state of prolonged fear. Ride it out and understand there is nothing that is going to hurt you beyond what you imagine exists in your mind. The confrontation is based on the unwell person projecting their delusion onto you and when combined with traits of narcissism maybe complimented with triangulation. Stand true, be calm and assertive and do not fear because you really have nothing to fear at all.
We are not even looking at a real threat to life. There is no threat beyond the normal threats of everyday life, these being manageable and most having sufficient skill in navigating anyway.

Everything is normal. Normal what normal is in our modern world anyway. Normal enough to not live in fear unnecessarily and to not promote states of mental illness and psychological disorder as beneficial healthy states to experience. Whole decades of study and research into evolving fields like psychiatry and clinical psychology seek to consider these states disorder and/or illness depending on severity and various other factors.

See it for what it is. Its okay to recognise and accept sickness in the world. It is after all around us. Sometimes in doing this you actually have better protection against it because you seek to avoid it and challenge it when you see it if it gets in your way.

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Re: The Covid Swerve

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Teebs wrote: Fri Apr 23, 2021 9:51 am People wearing smiles rather than masks probably most likely to encounter this.
Memories and habits acquired in major convulsions endure a while.

My parents never threw a scrap of fabric away since it had been so hard to acquire in the war. And they never stopped talking or even singing about the war. It defined them. It had been a real test.

This has been a big test. It will be while before we see it all growing small in the rear view mirror, and the Hancocks and Borises gradually fading from fearsome rule makers to laughable none-entities. But that will be the process, I think it always has been. We will still be British and get back to the British way of doing things, without too much pettiness about minor infringements. We'll give people latitude, and we need to start that up again. We need to bring back fair play and see the bigger picture. It will take a while.

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