Covid as an excuse for poor service

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Covid as an excuse for poor service

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I am interested to see what people are seeing in this regards and in which sectors. Healthcare seems to go without saying, but my experience yesterday was surprisingly in a pub.
We did not book as we could not find an option on the pub's website. When we arrived, there were a number of free tables and one of the staff informed us in a rather surly manner to sit at the front as the tables at the side were all booked. We accepted this with good grace so that we could spend an evening there. However, after 15 minutes we appeared to have been ignored and no one came to take an order. We therefore decided to leave.
I have been a great supporter of getting hospitality back up and running post lockdown to save businesses and jobs. It therefore saddens me to have received such poor service. There is a limit to the extent that customers will accept Covid as an excuse for poor service. Eventually they will, especially where pubs are concerned decide that buying drinks in the supermarket and drinking at home is easier and cheaper.

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Re: Covid as an excuse for poor service

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Exactly Hammers 67 . Covid and all its associated measures are a jobsworth paradise. It's all part of the demoralising programme.
Just buy your beers /wine whatever and enjoy at home with your nearest and dearest.

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Re: Covid as an excuse for poor service

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Yes, it is a way to achieve the further withdrawal of the state. I said this in my early posts about how Neoliberalism was based on an attack on collectivity, on social or public bases of organisation that were not primarily economic and, also, on a withdrawal of the state. The pandemic allows for this all to be pushed to another level entirely and it is accepted under the guise of a permanent emergency so we are going to be kept on something akin to wartime footing that justifies the failure of provision. Fuellmich says he had interaction with a merchant banker who said this was all slated for 2025 but was brought forward because the EU bought their way out of the last banking crisis (which was the biggest movement of wealth upward in recent history) and now the money is gone so they moved the current theatre forward.

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Re: Covid as an excuse for poor service

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There was a segment on the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2 last year and it was hillarious. This is the best I could dig up about it: ... 54?lang=en

Not sure if it is still available on some podcast somewhere. Apart from the ice cream mentioned in the link above, I recall someone called in to say a local swimming pool was not allowing the butterfly stroke, because of covid.

Cry or laugh. Prefer to laugh, it is healthier and will help shake a face mask off.

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Re: Covid as an excuse for poor service

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Pubs and 'non-essential' (wtf?!) shops have been super friendly. NHS has been sending letters weekly about vaccines, scans, follow ups. It's been mental.
But Barclays and Thames Water... Dear God. Presumably they're too small and impoverished as businesses to set themselves up properly.
Or perhaps all the managers have been told that the deadly Covid comes down the phone lines and through the ether (it's green as I recall from the only time I bothered with free view telly and saw one of those stupid ads). No one can answer their phone because their vet's wife's uncle's dogwalker has a friend who's a nurse and she says everyone's dead from the deadly Covid. She's not. But she is 'on her knees' as she never expected she'd have to deal with illness when she took the job.
Oh and Lloyds. As bad as Barclays.
It's just an excuse to cut costs even further.

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Re: Covid as an excuse for poor service

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I posted a box containing my father's Xmas presents on 21 December that he still hasn't received despite sending by Parcelforce 48 tracked. I didn't bother with insurance as there was nothing breakable but now I wonder if the insurace is actually the only way to guarantee delivery
I now presume the box was stolen as my previous attempts at tracking it via telephone were rebutted by the principle that the telephone update system was for packages containing medecines and other "Covid critical" items only. If it had been lost presumably it would have been found by now and delivered.

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