The fight against vaccine passports

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The fight against vaccine passports

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This appears to have been un-reported or under-reported in Western media (golly, wonder why?), but legal challenges are having an effect against vaccine passports:

https://www.americasfrontlinedoctors.or ... ain-lifted

Note the reference to ICC-Nuremberg at the end. Last year I had posted on this forum that the ICC may be the correct venue for bringing people to book for the damage of lockdowns.

On another front: ... antis-desk

It would appear that "businesses" may include airlines? If so, this could be very messy indeed. Many European countries are saying they will be open for US tourists as of June, but with the vaccine passport. But what if you get on a plane in Miami and this law prevents the airline from asking for proof of vaccination?

This looks like it is going to get very messy, very quickly.

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Re: The fight against vaccine passports

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Thanks for that teebs..

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