SAGE wants to ban alcohol

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SAGE wants to ban alcohol

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Headline on this site, another nobody from SAGE who thinks the great unwashed need their behaviour to be controlled by banning alcohol at sports and music events and banning singing. Notwithstanding at football grounds alcohol is not widely available.

They really DO want to stamp out alcohol, as was predictable last year when pubs were scapegoated as places where this virus was running rampant, and thousands of which have been hammered out of existence since. The SAGE report referred to by Hugh Osmond yesterday confirms that their opinion was not based on any science or statistics whatsoever.

Behavioural policy is driving SAGE's governance of the country now not data nor an objective view of risk. It appears the elected govt is no more than a vector for SAGE and international policy shifting.

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Re: SAGE wants to ban alcohol

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Sage need to be disbanded; end of.

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Re: SAGE wants to ban alcohol

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There is a risk of that. Organisations like CAMRA should step up to the plate and put a stop to the idea. It may be being promoted by some who don't declare their interests as well.

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Re: SAGE wants to ban alcohol

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I'm not sure whether our SAGE Sanhedrin have any sway in Scotland, but the alcohol ban seems particularly surprising there - most particularly in the degree of compliance and the lack of harm this has done to Sturgeon.

Unless there are an unfeasibly large number of Calvinists north of the border, I personally would never have dared stand at a podium and tell Scots that they couldn't buy alcohol in a pub, and that Hogmanay was cancelled.

They're not the people I thought they were; I don't mean roaring drunks - I mean fiercely proud people who value one of their most famous products.

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Re: SAGE wants to ban alcohol

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"Schole" is Latin, I think, for leisure, it was used to denote the life of those who retreat from the world in order to think it, who are at leisure, that is, who are free of the necessity that forces others to sell their labour for a wage who are caught up in the exigencies and urgencies of the world, acting in it, accommodating to it without the freedom that income brings. The problem is, in what way does this situation of studious leisure affect thought? It inclines the thinker towards theoreticism, towards indulging representations that substitute for a wisdom arising from necessity, what Aristotle called "Phronesis".
Sage shows the problems inscribed in their position, they are free to think the world and establish representations of it that appear, to others positioned in the closed sphere in which these representations constitute their competence, sensible and, moreover, these representations, "expert opinion" come to function as forms of expertise and ways of referring to the phenomena, they even find other vehicles that generate content affirming their representations, like the PCR tests and the institutional paraphernalia that validate their version of reality.
The problem is the institutional conditions that expert opinion arises from. It is the alienated vision of a technocratic elite who can make their views socially effective because they have institutional mechanisms that validate them.

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Re: SAGE wants to ban alcohol

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Except, of course, for the alcohol in the totally unnecessary hand gel that has no effect other than drying out your skin - and rendering you more vulnerable to bacterial infections.

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