A Cesspool of Insanity

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A Cesspool of Insanity

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It might appear to us as insanity but the reality is a long planned intent to impose absolute control on the population at large whilst the mega rich globalists build the world they desire. It is sad that our own politicians weakly comply with implementing the desired policies, whether based on the virus, the Great Global Warming Scam or something else yet to be invented. They are in for a surprise when they realise they are being used and will be cast aside when it no longer suits those globalists to continue their use.

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Re: A Cesspool of Insanity

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The same people who have been used all their life will all of a sudden wake up to them being used and do something about it? Are you sure? Wishful thinking and also delusional at worst.

They might start to figure certain details out but it wont shake them to the core enough to make way for the necessary process of transformation to occur in their lives to see things for how they are. This is another war on drugs and/or terror for these people. Its another drama series that they will consume to then go on to consume another and then another.

This is the life cycle of the average person. Accept it. Some people, in fact, most people, are not here to wake up buddy. Its a hard truth if you truly care for your fellow man but it IS the truth nonetheless. What can you do? Sacrifice yourself? Try and change your world? Take responsibility for other peoples responsibilities? Be rhe hero? Good luck with that. It will be you who pays the price and you will suffer.

Most people do not care. They will happily be tortured for the rest of their life and assume it is how things really are because they dont care about themselves beyond playing the role they are told to play and then superficially only caring about their role and not who they are beyond it. And they will not care enough to take action if and when they realize they were duped and are being subject to things that are slowly killing them. It will likely be denied and some object will become the center of the problem like always, the vicious cycle continues.

The vicious cycle by the way that keeps these people in their droves in their own prison. You are just as insane as them for believing that one day it will all make sense to the masses who are indoctrinated/brainwashed. It will not make sense and the majority will never get far enough along in their own personal journey to understand this basic and fundamental truth.

These people are always in demand and are always useable. That is their job after all. They are here to sacrifice themselves to the almighty rulers and their ilk, as always been the case since human societies became big enough and the structures/hieararchies became advanced enough to focus on utilizing their subjects as pawns and disposable resources. When there was enough available to go from hunter gatherer bands to more and more advanced societies the shift towards the people who made this happen as being the conduit for the goals of those in power became central. Today its no different. Its just a slightly different and more modern take on the old systems of control and hierarchy.

So for as long as these people are accepting this, they will always be in demand and always be needed. Not needed as if in for who they are and what they are intrinsically worth as a human being, needed as an object/subject to further the agendas of those who place themselves at the top of the social hierarchies we live in. To think that will all of a sudden change is more delusional than those who are asleep.

This will be how things are long after you are gone. Just think similiar systems of control have existed since human societies began. You live on average 80 years or so. Human societies began began roughly 5,000-10,000 years ago with more advanced ones several thousand years later. Several of your lifetimes do not even scratch the surface.

Look at the bigger picture.

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