Covid is being beaten in the UK. What next for sceptics?

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Re: Covid is being beaten in the UK. What next for sceptics?

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Shotclog wrote: Wed May 05, 2021 3:58 pm Well, speaking as a lockdown sceptic (and not a vaccine sceptic) I'd say this was all good news. Much as I have hated lockdown and think it is a foolish policy, we can't change the past-but the future surely looks better. I have real doubts that freedom properly so called is just around the corner, but the argument for restrictions grows weaker every day.
well said.

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Re: Covid is being beaten in the UK. What next for sceptics?

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Social permits, coming at you from all sides. The EU commission wants a "Digital Green Certificate", the G7 has an "ongoing conversation" about vaccine passports, so nomatter what you think (or Florida thinks), normal life (or at least travel) will become impossible without one. Which leaves you with the choice of either vaccinating or catching the virus and surviving. Other implication is -> vaccinating children. How can adults travel vaccinated if they're bringing on (shudder) unvaccinated kids? Sorry, Mum and Dad.

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Re: Covid is being beaten in the UK. What next for sceptics?

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Some posters are, sadly, anti paragraph.

I really fear that lockdown will be to go to response for any future illness or issue. So there's a lot of work to do, but I admit it has taken the fight out of me, and I feel like the 1%.

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Re: Covid is being beaten in the UK. What next for sceptics?

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halfhearted wrote: Wed May 05, 2021 1:40 am
1) the 3rd Wave, could still happen
Neil ferguson said today it won't.
2) vaccines fail as virus mutates
A plan was explaned today to boost with vaccine that protects against known variants.
3) any sober assessment of the performance of the NHS has to conclude it has been utterly dismal
I'm sure some things gone have been better
4) the restrictions that will NOT be lifted after June 21st
we'll have to wait for that day.
5) the public enquiry into why the UK had more deaths than any other European country
it's overdue to start.
6) why surgeries are still not giving face-to-face appointments & are resisting attempts to reintroduce them
They do not want doctors to spread or catch it.

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Re: Covid is being beaten in the UK. What next for sceptics?

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What a childish and pathetic question.
Whats next for those who got swept up in all this the most ie the pro-lockdown fanatics? When their cult leaders reject and oust them, where will they go? What will happen to their already fragile and broken identities? Who will protect them when the community force-field disappears and the illusion of being part of something crumbles and nobody is there to protect them? When those people realize it was all a big lie and they got nothing for their efforts, what then? One thing is for certain there will be no-one holding their hands. They will be left to pick up the pieces for themselves and what is worse will be how they chose to make enemies with everybody around them therefore destroying any hope of recovery. They chose to make enemies and now those enemies will be tasked with repairing them. The world will feel alien to them. They will feel like they dont belong anymore. What was it all for? Why did I turn my back on my own fellow man? Why was I so stupid? How can I ever seek to fix this?

The sceptics never drank the kool aid. They didnt spend the last year in a state of psychosis. They innoculated themselves. What about those that did not? These will be the biggest losers but also form the largest portion of casualties when the penny finally drops and they wake up from the spiralling nightmare acid trip they have just spent the past year trapped in.

The biggest concern will be how all those who got swept away with the narrative return to society after they helped to essentially destroy the only place they call home - their own society. When their neighbours dont want to talk to them. When the friends and family they pushed away over politics are long gone. When they can no longer look at society in the same way again because of the bad things they did to their own society. The "good guys" will become the real villains and the real villains will have nowhere to belong to. When being around others doesnt feel the same because you are so used to seeking out enemies and potential "bad guys". What an awful world that is to live in. Seems like an endless war to me. Not a nice place to live in but everybody who supported the past year will have to live in that not a nice place for a very long time and be endlessly punished for their actions.

Here you are asking people who were not complicit in the destruction of their own country what they will do next like they even have to answer that question. These people were never involved in the first place. They werent and arent the ones who wanted anything other than to live their normal lives. As for the others, their actions and their capacity to want to kill their own world and the worlds of others will rest heavy on their conscience but I can bet for all those who never supported it, that burden will not exist. How can it exist when they are innocent? There is no guilt where it is not due. There is nothing to expose when there is nothing to hide. It all seems questionable when it appears like there is momentum against the truth but the truth is you cannot run from the truth no matter how many people join together to say otherwise. There are some things that stand true beyond everything including politics and you will see soon enough these truths. The question is - will you be able to handle the truth when it counters everything you have spent the past year believing in? Will their ego handle it? When the facade comes crashing down, where will you run to? The people you pose this question are not running and they have nothing to run from in the first place.

So maybe rephrase that question and pose it to those who drank the kool aid and spent the past year suffering from a prolonged delusional psychosis, instead of those who refused it, because the audience you are aiming this question at are the ones who knew better and never got caught up in whatever narrative you are trying to drag them into. They wanted nothing to do with it and still to this day want nothing to do with it. They dont need to prove anything. They never had a problem to begin with. And they were not responsible for any problems that came about thereafter.

Its like a criminal behind prison bars laughing at all the people free to go about their lives asking society what they will do next like he is in a position of power. What do you think society will do next? Society will continue to do what society does. Unlike the criminal they are not in prison and their lives do not revolve around having to be a prisoner. Soon the penny will drop and the criminal will realize where he is and how little power he actually has and who actually got the raw end of the deal. Sadly the next 10, 20 years or even a lifetime will be consumed by the consequences of his decision to put himself where he is today.

Its only then when the criminal realizes he isnt in any position to be asking such loaded childish questions that he will begin the process of integrating all the shitty decisions he has made and how all those shitty decisions came back to bite him in the ass. He is the prisoner after all. Was it all worth it? That is the question. That question is obvious to all those mature and self aware enough to not have to face prison to know the answer to the question! You do not need to experience the bottom of the barrel to know its not where you want to be. And for those that have, that soon becomes where they DO NOT want to be. This is called growing up and learning to understand what life is about and what you do and do not want in your life and how every decision you make has consequences.

The moral of the story? Dont be the prisoner. Dont make silly choices. And dont find yourself attached to narratives and life decisions that make you a prisoner and make you do things that will end up punishing you far more than if you chose to simply think before you acted. Unless of course you really believe all your life is worth is to be controlled and dominated and punished by others and then by all means, enjoy your life in prison but its rich to then start questioning all those who are on the outside like they somehow have it worse than you.

They dont have it worse than you. The fact that you refer to sceptics in your post says it very clearly. These people are sceptical of the reality you are painting and therefore are not part of that reality being painted. By definition they question what you consider concrete and so they are naturally innoculated from it. You cannot believe in what you dont believe in, unless of course you are unwell in mind. They never assumed it was a good idea to be like this and so they never bought into it. And now its all coming to a close, their decisions made during the past year are being rewarded. They dont have to deal with the fall out because they were never invested in it. That is the reward you get for doing the right thing.

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Re: Covid is being beaten in the UK. What next for sceptics?

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Covid will never be beaten all the time Covidism remains the nation's primary religion. Covid will only be beaten when all scaremongering and psychological warfare, NPI's and vaccination coercion, mandation and passports are removed from the public's daily conscience.
Until that day Covid has won, Covid has created toxic communities, allowed fear and suspicion to replace love, destroyed humanity and along with it all common sense.

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Re: Covid is being beaten in the UK. What next for sceptics?

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Interesting speedstick that there is 2 million up for grabs since march 2020 by a very wealthy person who can covid 19 ( only) isolated on it's own in a lab ..Mike yeadon and many imminent doctors and scientists also point this out..there is more to it but so far it remains unclaimed..I wonder why..
Another doctor who is taking a public health body to court ( America) tested 1500 people who had passed and found not one single case of covid despite death certificates stating covid on them. He had repeatedly requested an isolated covid 19 specimen ( in a lab) and to date has recieved nothing.
There are ongoing cases against these psychopaths for crimes against humanity.
Without the msm ..censorship ect...would we even know there was a plan (nne) demic..
I doubt it...

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Re: Covid is being beaten in the UK. What next for sceptics?

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Shotclog wrote: Wed May 05, 2021 7:43 am In what sense? I am not sure what you are asking.
He's asking if you noticed anything unusual over the last year and a bit and whether the prospect exists of going back to normal in the next few months, now that vaccine and/ restrictios or other forms of defence have stopped coronavirus?
I want all restrictions ended as soon as possible
we all want the moon on a stick. Everybody wants to see the back of it. but we can't yet risk bringing back a variant that makes the whole thing kick off again, so you'll have to wait a while yet for the world to get sorted out.
some sort of guarantee that the destructive policy of lockdown will never be deployed again.
As a matter of fact no power on earth can give that guarantee, since no Parliament can bind any future Parliament, and Parliament has the right to make or unmake any law. And that's all she wrote on that matter. sorry, no can do.
My only hope here is that the public enquiry will have a sufficiently wide remit to consider whether the cost of lockdown was actually worth it.confirmation bias can't be discounted.
I agee with that. The public inquiry should be broad and deep. I suspect the sceptics' case has been susceptible to a degree of confirmation bias, as we have all so deeply wished to see the back of this virus.

For my part,
  • I want to see social distancing rules thrown away. I deeply wish for the day when I never see a person in a face mask again, as long as I live.
  • I want to see Parliament playing a bigger role.

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