A State of Fear

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Re: A State of Fear

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Brilliant detective work to find this Thinkharder. Brilliant post !

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Re: A State of Fear

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thinkharder wrote: Fri Jun 04, 2021 10:09 pm...Watch and learn...
Haha, very funny. Complete bunk. Bezmenov wasn't KGB, he was a journalist who worked for RIA Novosti. He certainly worked on propaganda but there's no evidence whatsoever he was KGB. When he defected he had to boost his supposed defection value by pretending to be much more important than he was. All this garbage about the elaborate plan for overthrowing nations is just made up, he knew what the Canadians & Americans wanted to hear. The Soviets said he wasn't important and they were right. He was an idiot who fancied an easier life and managed, through much lying, to get one.

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