Vaccine's - FAO the "Lurkers"

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Re: Vaccine's - FAO the "Lurkers"

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JockCovidiot wrote: Sun Jun 06, 2021 5:54 pm
If you want to face up to the reality of the world we live in and realise just how fucked we are go on to mumsnet and see how eager people are to jab their kids!

This is fucking sick. The world has gone fucking bat shit. I am beyond the point now of giving a fuck. We as a society will get what we deserve.

Its over.

Congrats to the trolls and 77th hope you enjoy the fucking dystopia you have been spunking over for the last year and a half!

To the sceptics - enjoy what you can while you can. Soon you will be jabbed or imprisoned/impoverished. There is no place in the dystopian nightmare unfolding for the unvaxxed.

Fuck the Gov, fuck covid, fuck the vaxx, fuck mankind we had our chance and fucked it... fuck it all!
That's exactly what's required - more intercourse.

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Re: Vaccine's - FAO the "Lurkers"

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Only a few words to note speedstick.. I very much doubt the trolls are paid...they are really very bad at their jobs then...instant dismissal..

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