Our Post Covid Anthem

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Our Post Covid Anthem

Post by Neo_Jax »

I was listening to Frank Turner's song - The Next Storm

And I think we need to get this song to Number 1 before June 14th. Who can help me?

It's dripping in post-covid freedom metaphors..

'omens, gods, preachers' - Politicians and Sage
'Empty rituals' - masks, lockdown, social distancing
'the weatherman' - Mystic Meg/Neil Ferguson
'cast off the crutches, cut off the cast' - ditch sage, ditch the fear

We've been thinking about how our message can be more positive, to capture the imagination of people to get behind us. I think this is it.

Rejoice, Rebuild, the storm has passed.....

We had a difficult winter,
We had a rough few months,
And when the storms came in off the coast
It felt like they broke
Everything on us at once.
It’s easy enough to talk about Blitz spirit
When you’re not holding the roof up and knee deep in it.
The pictures and the papers got ruined by the rain,
And we wondered if they’d ever get dry again.

We lost faith in the omens,
We lost faith in the gods,
We just ended up clutching at the empty rituals
Like gamblers clutching long odds.
And I don’t care what the weather man is saying,
Because the last time that I saw him, he was on his knees, he was praying.
The preachers and the scientists got soaked just the same,
And we wondered if they’d ever get dry again.

So open the shutters, raise up the mast,
Rejoice, rebuild, the storm has passed.
Cast off the crutches, cut off the cast,
Rejoice, rebuild, the storm has passed.

But I don’t want to spend the whole of my life indoors,
Laying low and waiting on the next storm.
I don’t want to spend the whole of my life inside;
I want to step outside and face the sunshine.
I'm not going to live the whole of my life indoors.
I'm going to step out and face the next storm.

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Re: Our Post Covid Anthem

Post by funtimes »

Our post anthem is simply living life and returning to as close to normality as possible. You dont want to brand a new chapter with the baggage of the last ones and thats what you are suggesting. Lets take everything with us and drag it into the new opportunities people have to move on. That just encourages a victim mentality and it essentially says you are over-sensitive and very vulnerable. Not a good start.

At the last freedom rally people were singing you can shove your lockdowns and vaccines up your a*s. Others were singing pop hits and oldies. It showed that most people wanted to laugh and smile and dance, many were hugging.

And whose to say there will be post COVID? You actually believe "Freedom Day" at the end of the month marks the end of all this? You really are blind. The biosecurity paradigm has only just got going. COVID-19 was the starter. The new paradigm is one off viruses invading Earth for the next several years, maybe even decades, until a newer paradigm replaces the biosecurity one. The gov have already developed their own biosecurity department to deal with "new threats" and so they know full-well this is not over. This is the new war on drugs, terror etc. Just think how long both those paradigms have ran. One stretches back to the seventies and although now dying out is still all over the world going strong and forms the basis for policy on drugs globally. The other has been going slightly less longer but regardless has become an antiquated paradigm that still today informs policy and determines the next "terrorist" threat, the majority of them imagined or manufactured.

This is here to stay. The reduction in totalitarian measures was always going to happen. The foundations have been laid, populations conditioned, frameworks in place. Now what you think is freedom is the new freedom which is really not freedom at all. Its far less freedom than you ever have had before, far less than over a year ago before all this happened. You have just been duped into thinking otherwise, and that was the plan.

As they said, you WILL get used to the new normal. And you have whilst also being defeated by it. This song reflects it. Its hardly a song to go to war with. Its a song to curl up and cry to. And you think people want that walking into the next chapter of their lives?

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