MIDAZOLAN > euthanasia > ‘first wave’

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MIDAZOLAN > euthanasia > ‘first wave’

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Hi all,
Hope we’re all fine & dandy!
First post for me but have been an avid reader of the site + forum since its inception.

Has anybody seen any intel regarding the alleged use of Midazolam in care homes following ‘the great discharge’, from which followed ‘the first wave’ which (surprise surprise) consisted of deaths in care homes?

An independent journo named Jacqui Deevoy has apparently uncovered government documents & other evidence which shows that sick care home residents were effectively placed on end of life pathway and given fatal doses of Midazolam, whilst any existing prescriptions were halted with ‘nil by mouth’ orders imposed. These fatalities were then purposely misdiagnosed as ‘from/with covid’, et voila: a nasty looking ‘first wave’ to scare the sh!t out the nation achieved through state genocide of the elderly.

Midazolam is widely used to slow down the respiratory system/place patients in induced comas, but is also used in higher doses to despatch inmates on death row. The health secretary, for some undisclosed and as yet unknown reason, decided to stockpile Midazolam in early 2020, buying a 2 year supply and clearing out the manufacturer in the process. Use of Midazolam skyrocketed prior to ‘the first wave’, with family members prevented from seeing elderly relatives in care homes which would have made the implementation of new ‘care’ policies much easier for those providing ‘care’.

The story started to break earlier this week, I’m wondering if anyone else has any insight?

Also, I’m quite looking forward to my first thinkabout(sh)it reply 😂 hopefully he’s on shift tonight, fuelled by 6 ginsters sausage rolls and a vociferous desire to lick the boots of his government superiors.

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Re: MIDAZOLAN > euthanasia > ‘first wave’

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bus_surfing wrote: Sat Jun 05, 2021 9:23 pm
Has anybody seen any intel regarding the alleged use of Midazolam in care homes following ‘the great discharge’, from which followed ‘the first wave’ which (surprise surprise) consisted of deaths in care homes?
No .There has been very little proper news about this story. Although there is plenty of junk news/exaggeration about vaccinations and care homes etc.

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Re: MIDAZOLAN > euthanasia > ‘first wave’

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I saw a piece by that Kate Shimanari towards the end of last year saying that the NHS had bought up the French's supply of Midazolan and she said it was for 'end-of-life' treatment but I do not know whether this is true, I have no idea but I did watch a video, you might be able to find it somewhere.

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Re: MIDAZOLAN > euthanasia > ‘first wave’

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Maybe if you didnt dedicate this post to a troll and discredit your own integrity and self respect this post would mean something. Why does everybody on here take the trolls so personally? It just makes you all look like a bunch of weak defenseless victims and reinforces the stigma and persecution of the population who are justified for fighting back and defending themselves. If what you are doing is the RIGHT thing, why are you entertaining those who are here to make you think it is WRONG? If you know what you believe is true, why seek to entertain those who are here DELIBERATELY to make you question yourself? In life, you have people who matter to you and people that dont. You listen to the ones that matter and you ignore the ones that dont, or at least be amicable enough to pretend to listen. You dont swap out your caring loving family for an abusive draining toxic family. You dont swap a good life for a sh*t one. Why is it any different now? The invention of a fake global medical emergency means its now healthy and normal to invite all this poison into your life? Find the evidence in writing or otherwise where it is now a requirement for you to poison your entire life and give in to all the toxic things in life, including sh*t people. You wont find it but YOU are making that choice so in many ways YOU are complicit in the tyranny because you are YOUR OWN tyrant but you are projecting it onto someone else, in this case a troll who is the object of all your suffering. No buddy, the troll is JUST a troll. They have always existed and always will. You just welcomed all this into your life and then chose to pretend like you had no choice to change things. Pandemic or not you still need to look after yourself. Feeding the trolls is NOT looking after yourself.

You must not have much confidence in your own abilities and moreover your own reality if you are so troubled by a troll on the internet. It shows he/she/it is winning. If you stop letting this troll rent space in your head the troll disappears. Its as simple as that. You DONT have to prove a point to a troll. A troll isnt here for a REAL decent conversation between two or more people. The troll is here to be... a troll! When you confuse the facts with idealism, you open yourself up to welcoming all sorts of sh*t into your life and you put a sign on your back saying "I am a victim. Abuse me".

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Re: MIDAZOLAN > euthanasia > ‘first wave’

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Nobody wrote: Sun Jun 06, 2021 9:21 am I saw a piece by that Kate Shimanari towards the end of last year saying that the NHS had bought up the French's supply of Midazolan and she said
Midazolan is basicaaly anothe form of valium, it works and calm people down. There are two waYS TO DIE, CALM OR NOR CALM. tAKE YOUR PICK!, when yout time comes.

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Re: MIDAZOLAN > euthanasia > ‘first wave’

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Lighten up a bit, Funtimes. Christ! its their first post, they're basically on our side. We don't want to put them off this forum for good. Its been stale enough on here lately. That rant of yours was far longer than the brief aside bus_surfing made at the end of his post. I guess he or she was just nervous about the thread being hijacked yet again or being ridiculed so put something out there as a defense mechanism. They probably didn't expect the trolling to come from one of the sceptics. You mention some interesting things about the nature of abuse but the original poster was asking about Midazolan not asking for the story of the whole lockdown philosophy. Some things are too big to talk about, you have to chip away at the sides.

I don't know anything about Midazolan apart from the little bits of info that I've seen others regurgitate on twitter but it's worthy of some discussion especially if it could provide some sort of downfall to key govt or health figures. It could be massive if its true. Or it might just be one of those unsubstantiated stories that gets buried. These bits of info are gradually becoming more mainstream like the lab leak theory as well and they eventually get too big to be ignored. They reach a critical mass within the population. Like I say, I'm not the one to talk about this because I've only heard of it this weekend but someone on here must know something or have some insight.

We're all upset and damaged by what has been done to us over this last year and a bit, those of us who are on here for genuine reasons. This forum used to be a good place to discuss that stuff

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Re: MIDAZOLAN > euthanasia > ‘first wave’

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Why do you think relatives..friends were banned from seeing their loved ones..it most certainly wasnt for health reasons..it was to carry out mass genocide of the elderly with no interference from loved ones..to keep people in the dark..no witnesses to what was really happening to the elderly...orders from the psychopaths.......no pms...cremation.. job done ..dead and buried with covid as the killer with no witnesses to the real killers agenda.. noone outside the care homes really knows what happened and those that did and spoke out were censored and silenced...

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Re: MIDAZOLAN > euthanasia > ‘first wave’

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Great Post Miahoneybee.
Yes regrettably it is now becoming ever more apparent that this whole scam is even more disgusting and sinister than l imagined.
Yes create a fake case via the PCR test, remove prying eyes via social distancing, remove PMS to cover up true cause of death and just get doctors to write Covid as fake cause of death, pandemic created, get MSM to broadcast it, and panic sure to follow.
Then create a bogus miracle cure, snake oil., aka vaccine to sell to every person on the planet. Great bit of business done.

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