D Day

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D Day

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On the 77th anniversary of the D Day landings, let us not forget those who gave their lives so that future generations could enjoy freedom.
Its sadly regrettable that such freedoms are once again under threat.
This is both an affront to the memory of those brave boys and men and also to all of us affected by this modern version of a very similar form of tyranny.

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Re: D Day

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Tyranny we are now witnessing speedstick but has been planned for a very long time...they have played the long game which is being exposed more and more and silenced and censored quicker than you can say covid scam..

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Re: D Day

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All modern wars were/are corrupt and innocent men are used as cannon fodder to push agendas of those at the top of the pyramid. Make sure when you remember them you remember their sacrifice from the angle of THEIR personal story as victims and what THEY left behind and not the fabricated sacrifice the elitists want you to think is reality.

You have 9/11 for example. People pay their respects for the destruction left behind but that destruction was caused by those who created the narrative that went on to become the War on Terror. People thank the soldiers but the soldiers are fighting an unwinnable war because the war is not supposed to be won in the first place because it never was a 'war' as most people imagine a war to be. They think they are on the right side but the side they are on was behind 9/11. So are they REALLY paying their respects?

Now you have COVID-19, another fabricated war. Who/what are people paying their respects too now? The same government of course and their cabal who are behind EVERY war.

What most people are paying their respects to are those who had the power and influence to make those wars happen and for those people to benefit. It is a form of worship to the powers that be and their blood thirsty corrupt psychopathic and destructive tendencies.

Make sure when you pay your respects, you know what you are respecting. Make sure it truly is the individual who was bought into signing up for their own death, and not for those who were behind that process that caused that individuals death. A big difference between the two so know where the boundaries are. If you are not careful you will fall for the propaganda and generational conditioning that gets you signed on for the notion of what war is from the perspective of those pushing the narrative, and not the disturbing and dark reality behind it.

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