No masks website

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No masks website

Post by Ozzie »

I have just constructed a simple website to give people a heads-up on their rights not to wear a mask. It is located here:
I have spoken to a number of people who do not realise that they don't have to wear a facemask if they have a "reasonable excuse". The creation of this is to put all the information in one place. Please let me know what you think?

I could do with more evidence of face masks not working - Google now favours face masks working where it didn't a couple of weeks ago! Please post links to useful websites and I will add them.

I will get a proper domain name if people think this is a worthwhile endeavour.

Look forward to your comments!

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Re: No masks website

Post by fightbackp »

Just say you can't wear a mask due to medical reasons. The police can't ask you about your medical history become it's against the law. You can also say you are running and you have a stitch so you are walking just now. Carry a bottle of water with you and say you are drinking. You can also have a mask in your pocket and say you just ate and will put it on now. When the police leaves, take it off.

If you want to go for a drive, just say your old mum has medical problems and you need to go help her. Once again, the police can't ask about your mum's medical problems.

Remember, this virus kills just like the yearly flu where more people are dying from suicide due to losing their job or business.

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Re: No masks website

Post by Mibi »

Thanks, Ozzie. Just thought it would look more professional without godaddy in the link. I recommend getting your own domain ( or if available.
Here's a list of links: ... ke-you-up/

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Re: No masks website

Post by Xantilor »

Excellent site, Ozzie.

I made myself a mask with STUPID MASK in white paint on it, then read the rules on the government website and decided not to wear one.

I've made myself a neat clip-on badge with an exempt sign downloaded from the site which I keep in my handbag in case I'm challenged by shop staff. No one has so far, nor has anyone harassed me. I always count the people wearing/not wearing masks in the small post office where I go most days. It varies; Saturday none of the four customers wore masks. Other days it's been just me, or me and one other.

I feel that the more of us who ignore this stupid rule, the more will join us.

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