Dating and Sex Freedom Stolen By Covid

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Dating and Sex Freedom Stolen By Covid

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I'm in the USA, where our bed-wetters are out of control in California and itching to re-lock down on the East Coast.

I was reflecting the other day that there has never been a time in modern history where healthy people have been quarantined to stop a highly virulent disease which has little chance of being contained.

Moreover, I was reflecting that in this, the 4th Month of lockdown (or partial lockdown) we have politicians and public health officials who actually think some of these provisions are feasible. Take social distancing. Does ANYONE expect young people who will not be adversely impacted by Covid to stop dating, stop having sex, and stop socializing? No fucking way. But the answer from these clowns is to shut barber shops, bars, sporting events, restaurants. We've bankrupted thousands of small businesses trying to stop the spread of something that is going to spread based on human nature irrespective of what businesses do.

I think more should be written about this. The idea that human beings are not going to suspend their basic needs is moronic. I think politicians should be lambasted for this.

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Re: Dating and Sex Freedom Stolen By Covid

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Out of control bedwetters!

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