OK, so what might happen next?

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Re: OK, so what might happen next?

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Not shocked at all, as you probably realised! Would have been shocked 6 months ago if I knew we would be here today.

I am coming across a few more out and out sceptics and others who will only follow the restrictions according to their own judgement. However, most of both those groups have still been jabbed. Went to my first Stand in the Park last week and the main common theme was mistrust of the 'vaccinations'.

In contrast, the majority still seem to be unable to articulate anything other than the repeated mantras with which they have been brainwashed. I think many will find it very difficult even to exploit the small crumbs of looser restrictions when they eventually arrive.

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Re: OK, so what might happen next?

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Let's see how they feel when their once healthy bodies start to crumble and they have to stand in line for endless jabs to stay alive..
Will they wake up then?
Probably not..likely they will blame it on the new arctic variation..

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Re: OK, so what might happen next?

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Heyek asked himself the same things in 1945.The war was called ‘the People’s War’ because – unlike most previous wars – the whole population had fought in
one way or another. Even pacifists contributed by working the land to feed the troops. Hayek detected a growing sense of ‘As in war, so in peace’ – namely that the government would own, plan and control everything. The economic difficulties created by the
war would be immense: people would turn to government for a way out. And so, as Hayek penned his great classic, The Road to Serfdom, he was moved not only by a love for his adopted country but also by a great fear that national planning, that socialism, that
the growth of state power and control would, inevitably, lead the UK and the US to fascism, or rather National Socialism.

And thoughts are summed up thus:
He recognised that socialism, the collectivist state, and planned economies represent
the ultimate form of hubris, for those who plan them attempt – with insufficient knowledge – to redesign the nature of man. In so doing, would-be planners arrogantly ignore traditions that embody the wisdom of generations; impetuously disregard customs whose purpose they do not understand; and blithely confuse the law written on the hearts of men – which they cannot change – with administrative rules that they can alter at whim. For Hayek, such presumption was not only a ‘fatal conceit’, but also ‘the road to serfdom’.

Which of us, if any does not have a sense of history repeating itself in the present day?

The road to serfdom is here!
http://www.iea.org.uk/sites/default/fil ... k43pdf.pdf

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Re: OK, so what might happen next?

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This is a very good point you raise in this thread Miahoneybee.
How many lives will be lost or limited by illnesses resulting from vaccination, particularly those of younger females more susceptible to thrombocytopenia.
Being the Father of two daughters with a genetic blood disorder and thus more prone than most to this particular concern, l am terrified by all this vaccination coercion and threat of mandation.
Many young healthy female lives at threat, all to save the lives of octagenirians with comorbidities, it's the stuff of nightmares.
However alas l fear the government's psychological warfare will continue unabated on all levels in order to maintain the fear and total compliance.

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