How about a fanfare?

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How about a fanfare?

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I don't think any of us would claim humanity was on a sustainable trajectory before covid19 concentrated all our minds. But in the spirit on not letting a perfectly good crisis go to waste, could we fill our boots now, when we are where we are, and do something useful in the hiatus? Obvsly, limited CO2 output has slightly postponed the great melt-off, but perhaps we have passed peak oil, without any fanfare.

[peak oil]
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So that was the way it was, peak oil disappearing in the rear view mirror before we even knew it. It had even less fanfare than peak coal, perhaps that's how things go now. Don't it always seem to go , you never know what you got 'till it's gone…Anyway oil's finished, how about a little fanfare. I used to ride a two stroke triple Kawasaki in the good old days, one of these, which would never be allowed today, it was a total killer 25 mpg, no footballer in a ferrari had a chance against this, drink fumes MF!

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But those days are dead and gone, rejoice, the dumbarse top gear generation are shuffling to their graves in a fucking leaf, not a kwaker!

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So to survive we had to accept limits on growth. If this is the great reset, I wish it well, Peak Coal was followed by another iteration to get to Peak Oil. I kinda hope, at some point some sort of equilibrium is found, but i'm not investing in it yet, who gets involved good luck.. but I'm out!