New Book: A State of Fear

The government response / the cost of the lockdown / public support for the lockdown / previous responses to pandemics / the assault on liberty / etc.
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New Book: A State of Fear

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There is a new book out this week by Laura Dodsworth: A State of Fear.

I haven't read it yet but it seems to me an important contribution to the political debate. The way the UK government has used fear is something journalists need to expose otherwise it will carry on and get worse.

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Re: New Book: A State of Fear

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It's selling really well. I'm hoping it will pressure The British Psychological Society to belatedly address Gary Sidley's concerns about the abuse of psychology by the sadistic control-freaks in SPI-B. ... rt-nudging
Top bloke, Gary by the way. I can recommend his book, Tales from the Madhouse.

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Re: New Book: A State of Fear

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I have read the book and it is a worthwhile good read ; it does focus almost exclusively on the mind control stuff, which is fair enough.

What is always missing in this kind of the stuff is the;

‘what the hell are they up to?’.

I don’t really like the ‘popular materialist’ view that they have all gone mad

Or that it is just about a vaccine big pharma money spinner.

I haven’t been keen on the ‘Great Reset’ thing as it just reads like incoherent babble.

This stuff in a recent book that i haven’t got yet seems to make more [horrendous] sense to me as in; ... ate-crisis

Without the climate change stuff, this looks very similar ideologically to the ideas of James Burnhams book in the 1940’s, which inspired Orwell’s 1984 ... s-burnham/

That was a load of stuff that was, as well, vomited out from various supposed Marxist and Bolshevik theories.

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