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Re: Ivermectin

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I won't get into fruitless debate over the evidence. Experienced doctors in many countries know that EARLY treatment with Ivermectin, HCQ/zinc, or high dose Vit C can help keep the vulnerable out of hospital. Problem is no one wants to listen eg watch interview with Craig Kelly referenced in today's LS
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kt5O2UYbT ... e=youtu.be

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Re: Ivermectin

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Again nonsense. The data is all over the shop, no properly randomised or controlled trials, no standard phases of dosage. Its nothing but an anecdotal mess with no attempt at all to look at interactions with other diseases and medications

The FLCCC protocols are quite clear.
Trial Site News and Dr Been (and many others) have analysed the studies in some detail

You continue to throw out Inflammatory insults and generalised dismissals without actually addressing the evidence.

The recent Vit C / Zn trial results were disappointing but did not demonstrate Vit C did nothing - you are being disingenious or churlish to state that given your declared level of expertise

The evidence for Vit D is compelling

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Re: Ivermectin

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The data has been analysed and found fallen short.

There are so many things wrong it'd be thrown out as junk by any reputable peer reviewer or journal.
No normalisation of groups, no blind or double blinding, no consistency in treatment regime. No consistency in measurement of effects.
No consistency or normalisation of control groups.

Its a hatchet job analysis built on top of very unreliable data.

This is why its not accepted anywhere at all and wont be until we get data of a robust enough quality to pass clinical trials

That IS addressing the evidence. The studies are so badly done they are not and cannot be accepted by any reputable peer review.

Which begs the question, if the data is supposed to be that good, why is it so hard for them to actually implement and pass a proper clinical trial protocol?

And no, it not "big pharma" nonsense.

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Re: Ivermectin

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More ivermectin + other news from Egypt and Japan etc

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