Covid Nudge test, a problem

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Covid Nudge test, a problem

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Covid Nudge test, upon reading its limitations, seems to have a similar problem as other PCR tests, it cannot guarantee it is not picking up other viruses or even bacteria...

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Re: Covid Nudge test, a problem

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The only report I have read on this device was in The Lancet Microbe which did a diagnostic accuracy study for the diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 infection versus laboratory-based RT-PCR.

The sample size was 386 people and they did two swabs at the same time for each, one swab being sent off to the lab's PCR, the other for the nudge box. The conclusion was that it was 96% sensitive for positives and 100% specific for negatives.

I don't think the nudge device reports the cycle threshold, and the discussion stated that

Further work is required to understand how the algorithm relates to standard PCR measurements such as the cycle threshold value, as well as virus viability, viral load, transmissibility

So, like with PCR, the viral genes can be detected but not whether the virus is viable, i.e. it can infect.

Link to the Lancet report: ... X/fulltext

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