Cochrane review of masks, updated

Treatments and their effectiveness, herd immunity, masks, testing, etc.
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Cochrane review of masks, updated

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Cochrane has updated their 2007 review of masks and handwashing, considering studies up to 1 April 2020. ... .pub5/full

They found no evidence TM that masks work to inhibit the spread of influenza like illnesses. It´s a murky issue, more research would be needed and it´s awkward research. They did like handwashing though.
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Re: Cochrane review of masks, updated

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This piece makes a good point. Masks are about reducing the transmission of anxiety, not the virus. Lots of information sources that concur that masks, including medical ones, are useless in the context of stopping the transmission of a virus of 0.1 micrometres in diameter!!! ... cience.pdf

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Re: Cochrane review of masks, updated

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Nothing new here, the WHO in 2019 found in RCTs no public benefit of masks (but hand washing yes.) ... g.pdf?ua=1 ... =4096x4096

Shouldn't be a surprise that the Danish study results showed the same as all the other RCTs for previous viruses really.

(and this is masks, not even the utterly stupid face-rags people wear).

Some places have admitted the main "use" of a mask is to remind people things are not normal and to not act normally in terms of distancing etc. So nothing to do with preventing viral spread - its basically a brand and psychological crutch to keep them afraid.

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