List of mask free countries?

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Re: List of mask free countries?

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AfterAll wrote: Wed Dec 16, 2020 1:41 pm
punishment can be fines of thousands of dollars and months in prison.
And sometimes being beaten up by the police, as happened to the Parisian music publisher who briefly stepped out of his studio into the street without a mask. ... udio-video
I think is Paris it's happening the other way around. French police are a joke by definition and they can't enforce a thing.
Obviously it depends on you.
The law is the law but you it's you.. if you see what I mean..........

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Re: List of mask free countries?

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it is, as others have correctly pointed out, law in quite a few countries.

here in italy it's mandatory for everyone who doesn't have medical justifications, isn't a toddler or isn't doing physical activity.

i have been physically harrassed on the metro for not wearing one.
people without them on the street get disapproving stares and often some good samaritan will tell them to wear a muzzle, even in open spaces.
the police do enforce mask usage, although not with extreme severity (in most cases). i have been stopped once in an outdoor space by policemen and been told to wear the muzzle, but wasn't fined.

i was hiking on a mountain (with skiing facilities on top) with a friend who managed to come visit from abroad a few days ago, the sun was shining bright and a fresh breeze blowing... and many were wearing masks even there.

no amount of rational explanation that mask mandates are absurd and dangerous because of the political/philosophical implications will make people get over their sentiment.

i remember a few months ago people in venice (the old part of the city on the islands) were mostly wearing the masks like armbands. fastforward a bit, and they're just as obsessed with them as most people in cities and even small towns.

it's scary to think about how damn fast this brainwashing of unseen magnitude happened.

it really feels like some orwellian or huxleyan dystopia to be constantly bombarded by voice messages on trains such as if you wear a mask other people will be grateful, or do you feel like others are staring at you? maybe it's because you're not wearing your mask properly! and seeing billboards with propaganda like wear a mask, save a life.

this whole psychological trickery of pushing people into believing they're "saving others" is terrible, and i don't know how to fight it, as it immediately paints anybody saying anything against the mandates as an emotionless monster, even when their arguments only have to do with the legal, political and philosophical aspects of the issue, let alone when they argue pro focussed protection or go into the tainting territory of — spooky drum roll — mask effectiveness...

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