Bonjour from Paris

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Re: Bonjour from Paris

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Thanks teebs..
So nice to hear you back

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Re: Bonjour from Paris

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Those who read my posts will notice I refer to bar and restaurants open quietly and secretly for select clients. This is an open secret in France. Within a 10 minute walk radius of where I sit typing now, I know of 4 such establishments: 2 bar-cafes and 2 bar-restaurants.

There was a recent high profile scandal on Friday when a TV channel succeeded in secretly filming a few such venues, but on the very high-society-end, with one lady saying she has been out 2 or 3 times that week and even met government ministers: ... e-scandal/

There is no real scandal. An open secret as I say. And this is at least the second time that TV channels have "exposed" such a "scandal".

But, once in a while the rich and famous, going to more fancy venues, are more liable to being spotted and targetted. Mere mortals are at no such risk. No trouble I ever heard of at my local 4.

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Re: Bonjour from Paris

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They are coming ...

French press this today saying travel permits will be coming in to enable "free movement within the EU" but also non-mainland parts of France, such as Corsica: ... t-20210419

At the moment, with the "lockdown light" in force, travel more than 10km is restricted unless you have some reason (work etc).

France does not do anything alone but always as part of an EU plan. According to the article cited above, they will be up and running by 17 June.

The interesting thing about these passes is that they will not be just vax-dependant, you can also have one if you have a negative test (though I am sure that will not be valid for long).

There is no mention here that these passes will be necessary for anything but travel. The idea of them being used for bars or large events is not on the cards, yet, but the thing about measures such as these is that, once they are in place, it is very easy to start including other things. And, if anyone thinks they are temporary, go get a cold shower. These are here to stay FOREVER. New variants, other outbreaks of other diseases ... having your vax-passport is part of a new normal life.

The nastiest and most hypocritical lie is that the government is saying these are needed to "simplify the lives of people". How on earth does adding a level of bureaucracy that compromises the privacy of your medical records, in any way "simplify" life.

And this is an important breach: medical privacy is gone.

It starts off with something as useless and innocuous as covid vaccines (for a viral contagion that is largely harmless to over 99% of people), and then other things can be added. Are you a smoker? How much do you drink? When was the last time you had a blood test? What were the results? Do you take anti-depressants or sleeping pills? How often?

Medical privacy is over. Every attendant on every passenger jet or mainline railway will soon have the legal right to your medical records as a pre-condition for getting on board. Travelling by car? Expect random (or maybe not so random) checks on the highways. The vax-passports can be linked to toll-booths.

All of this will make life "simpler".

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