Switzerland 13 June: Next Big Battle

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Switzerland 13 June: Next Big Battle

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Exactly six weeks from today, the Swiss will vote on a referendum to cancel their covid laws:

https://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/critics-fo ... y/46471484

Switzerland is one of those rare parts of the world where direct democracy can take power away from any “temporary dictatorship” of elected representatives and give it directly to people. If enough signatures are gathered on a petition, it has to be put directly to a referendum. This happened with the Swiss covid laws (lockdowns, masks and all that) last year and the referendum is scheduled for 13 June.

Aside from tearing up the rule book on lockdowns and masks and associated baloney, if the NO vote wins, this will also seriously disrupt plans for vaccine passports – which will almost certainly become illegal, or at least unenforceable – in Switzerland. The EU is planning a Europe-wide vax-pass starting 17 June (with the UK and plenty of others coordinating). The Swiss could torpedo this in advance. (Although Switzerland is not a full member of the EU, it is a member of the single market and has signed up to just about every EU directive for the common area.)

Crucially, Switzerland is part of the Schengen Area. So, if the Swiss throw out vax-passes, that could be lethal to the Schengen Area trying to impose them.

This will also place enormous pressure on other European states to either back down from covid restrictions, or have their own referenda – where the results may be all too predictable.

The pro-covid law campaign is blasting out its usual doublethink propaganda:

1. Panic! Coronavirus is going to kill everybody!
2. Don't panic! These laws are only temporary.

Fingers crossed for 13 June. Anybody who can do anything to help the NO campaign, really should. This is an almost unique opportunity for direct democracy. This is the NO campaign website (only available in the official Swiss languages):


It has a cute cartoon video. You can download the poster and other material (much of it for free), and make a donation to their crowd-funding type campaign "friends of the constitution".

Nice footnote: Swizerland is of course home to the World Hysteria Organisation ;)