Fetal tissue vaccines

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Fetal tissue vaccines

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An article linked to here under this title has, "If all pro-lifers rejected such vaccines, moral alternatives would be found and an ethically, morally and biblically wrong industry might end." I would have thought the kind of society we now have would rather get rid of the pro-lifers than look for moral alternatives.

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Re: Fetal tissue vaccines

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I feel conflicted about this because I wouldn't describe myself as a 'pro-life'-er, any more than I am an 'anti-vaxxer'; it depends on the circumstances.
I believe abortion should be available to women in certain instances, but not merely as birth-control, and with a time-limit.

However, I read the article in the roundup regarding 12 things about the uses of fetal tissue in vaccines, and was horrified. There seems to be something of an industry around the harvesting of tissue from these tragedies, and part of me balks at the idea of someone profiting from babies' bodies, as their lives are taken from them. The article points out that the tissue needs to be living, otherwise it's useless. The whole thing is grotesque.

I'll certain enquire further into any vaccine I take in the future.

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