MSM 'comments'

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MSM 'comments'

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Following LS reporting the overwhelmingly negative response to Gove's pro vaccine passport article in the Daily Telegraph a few days ago, I was prompted to make comments myself. One has to subscribe to read the articles and comments, let alone make comments. However, one month free and three months for just £1 would be worth it. It could be amusing as well as informative.

Gove had invited opinions. There were about 7,000 comments when I added mine to the tally. Of these, I would say 99% were against Gove's position - and not by a small degree. There was outright condemnation for most of the government's actions, not just the vaccine passports. I was rather buoyed by this. Could true-blues really be so anti?

Tne next day or so, there was an article from so-called 'Telegraph Readers' that purported to sumnarise the opinions of DT readers. The first comment it quoted was pro-Gove. It ended up saying there had been a more-or-less 50/50 response! Of course, this article attracted more condemnation, including mine.

So I wonder what happens to these comments. Are they actually binned, or are they passed on as a measure of public sentiment in general, or of DT readers in particular? Is this just a place for people to air their grievances, get them off their chest and take no further action?

Indeed, to a certain extent, this forum could unwittingly serve a similar purpose unless we visibly rise up in protest. Reluctant as I am to take it to the streets, I am beginning to feel that is what I must do.

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Re: MSM 'comments'

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A Guardian section on the same thing showed almost everyone in favour (of course).

Says more about the political leanings of the various publishers than anything about actual public opinion.

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