Yellow Card Reporting

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Yellow Card Reporting

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The following two charts summarise all the Yellow Card Reporting up to the data released yesterday. They occur within a few days of the jab.
jab-deaths-20210429.jpg (33.21 KiB) Viewed 88 times
Deaths per jab are currently 1 in 42,404, and up to 25% more per person.
jab-reactions-20210429.jpg (37.86 KiB) Viewed 88 times
Adverse reactions per jab (quite a range of seriousness) are 1 in 61.

The government estimate that only 10% of serious adverse reactions are reported by Yellow Card Reporting.
The official current deaths within 28 days of a PCR test are 22 per day.
ONS figures for 2020 show deaths in the 40-49 group deaths as 1 in 46,242.

This is all official data with nothing added.

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Re: Yellow Card Reporting

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With AZ the age breakdown is more and more useful.
As it gets younger the rate of SARs goes up.

2 weeks ago the clotting risk doubled (didnt really make the news). A week later its gone up a further 40%.
With each passing week and younger groups getting vaccinated the clot rate is increasing substantially.

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