Anyone Have the Faintest Idea What's Going on?

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Re: Anyone Have the Faintest Idea What's Going on?

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This is someone who does seem to know what is going on: ... ittkowski/

One of the few fig leaves remaining on lockdown policy is "it worked in China". Which is weird, because it never worked anywhere else. So, either the Chinese fudged their numbers, or somehow they are weirdly different. Professor Wittkowski exposes interesting data: by the time China locked down, the virus spread there was already past its peak, and the population was well on its way to natural "herd" immunity. He shows the data of how and when this happened.

As usual, instead of trying to prove he is wrong with counter-data and counter-arguments, Youtube went ahead and banned the video. Thanks to AIER for keeping a copy on their website.

A sadly true prediction he makes (speaking in April last year), he accurately predicts a second wave in the autumn, and clearly says it is because of lockdowns and social distancing.

If he had said the second wave was coming because we all did not lock ourselves in our cupboards, instead of just in our homes, I have a feeling youtube would not have tried to censor this. They are like witch trials.

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Re: Anyone Have the Faintest Idea What's Going on?

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miahoneybee wrote: Tue Apr 06, 2021 6:03 am FT need help. I hope you find services to but I dont hold my breath as all life is now about the rona including MH services being the worst hit.
Thanks and you must be a psychiatrist?
Ah, stigma. I can feel it so badly. It's sucking me in. I feel.. like.. I'm going crazy... Noooo!
The well used weapon of old to dehumanize those who do not believe in a shared reality AKA You're not a real person if you don't agree with how I see the world.
I'm sure this happened throughout our history and was responsible for the most violence and destruction and darkness seen throughout our history.
Well, aren't you a great psychiatrist. I'd probably consider finding another job.

What precisely what am I doing to need help? How do I get it? What will happen when I get it? It sounds such a sinister journey does all this. I guess I'll just be a passenger in all this and made to undergo it like a victim, right? I just walk into a psychiatric ward and surrender myself and I'll just fade into nothing after that? My life just disappears and now I'm a nobody, right? Perhaps I'll be led by chain and ball to a padded cell like victims of the lunatic asylums? Maybe I'll be shut into a dark box and never be let out again. If only the NHS were the saviours and mental illness was fixed simply by putting the responsibility of your mental health solely into a system. If only psychiatrists were doctors with secret knowledge and powers and psychologists could read your mind. Woo! Spooky! If only you turned up to a CMHT and your problems vanished. If only it was as simple as expecting someone else to fix you. If only that's actually what it was all about.

Or maybe you turn up believing you're guilty, something is wrong with you, you're invalidated, you don't belong, you have problems or the classic "Something is wrong with you" deal. Then what? Well you turn up to a place like this and that is what you experience. It's all in your mind after all. This is just the state of your mind right now. You can choose to see things like that if you want but it's probably not going to help you really understand your issues and most of the time people actually confuse stigma for mental illness, cultural neurosis for actual health problems, people get anxious over being anxious, worried about worrying, they come with loads of content and behind it all there is their imagination at work. This makes it very hard for actual mental health professionals to get beyond social and cultural factors and identify actual illnesses. And most of the time, people are experiencing things like this because they are around people like you telling them something is wrong with them and they 'need to get help' therefore gaslighting them into thinking something is wrong. Their culture programs them to stigmatize particular experiences and delegitimatize them. We seek to run from every state of consciousness except the ones we can handle, just about. It's what is at the root of the Western sickness - the fear of it's own shadow, the darkness, death, vulnerability, finite existence.

Most people actually fear the depth of their own psyche. These are the people who are most likely to tell you to 'get help' because they see it as a bad thing, as a punishment, as a sign of weakness. They've never helped themselves but will peddle cultural neurosis and stigma to distance themselves from their own shadows.

Well, thanks for the talk psychiatrist. I have to be going now.
Can't say I learned much but you probably did.
Who is normal anyway? Aren't we all far from normal? What is insanity? Isn't our society and culture insane? What is being crazy? Aren't our daily lives crazy? Isn't the world we live in cazy? What is actually wrong with you when people say there is something wrong with you? What does needing help really mean and who is supposed to help? What exactly can they do to actually get into your mind and body and help?

Most of the time all of this designed to prevent you from actually really answering these questions because the intention is to actually not help you at all. But that's where the answers are to be found. And after a while you can handle being there, when you learn to accept that 'being there' is no different to 'being here'. What is the difference anyway? Entirely illusionary.

Okay thanks doc. Take care now.

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Re: Anyone Have the Faintest Idea What's Going on?

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It wasnt a lecture it was an observation.. everyone has/still should have a choice of what medical intervention they feel they need ........your body your choice the same as the experimental vaccines..your body your choice..

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Re: Anyone Have the Faintest Idea What's Going on?

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miahoneybee wrote: Tue Apr 06, 2021 11:50 pm It wasnt a lecture it was an observation.. everyone has/still should have a choice of what medical intervention they feel they need ........your body your choice the same as the experimental vaccines..your body your choice..
Making some pretty dumb assumptions there. To really understand and be able to navigate this situation you're going to need to do more than simply regurgitate what the anti-lockdown crowd are saying and start working out what this means to YOU and what YOU as an individual are able to understand and how that affects you. Otherwise you're merely following the crowd, which is no different to being a sheep only you're pretending that you're not one because apparently you're on the 'good' side. I'm pretty sure that's what all the other 'sheep' believe when they are mindlessly following their version of the 'good' side too. So what is the difference?

What is the difference between you and all these people you envision in your mind as sheep?
What makes you better? What distinctions can you make? You clearly are here to appear superior and to appear like you're part of the winning team. Where is the evidence of this? And just amassing a superficial post count on a forum is not evidence. What are YOU doing to reflect everything you say you believe in and are about?

Tough question, isn't it. You're essentially attacking others for the same problems you have only you now believe you have a weapon to do extra damage because they believe in COVID-19 and you don't. Okay so, is your life better? Are you happier? Are you more successful? Are you achieving your goals? Are you going out there and getting sh*t done? You can attack peoples mental state all you want but it's pretty clear it's a case of you being able to project how little you have in your life and how destroyed your life is now because of COVID-19. You just can't accept it and that right there is denial, a key component in repressing trauma and dealing with core issues that occur internally and externally in myriad different ways as a result of prolonged and potentially severe exposure to traumatic events. But you're not traumatized, right? You're on the 'good' side. You are living in heaven while everyone else is banging on the door to be let in. If only that was true. So whose mental state is aligned best with what is currently going on? The people with extremely unhealthy and self destructive coping mechanisms and their inability to move on from trauma and attempt to adapt and deal with issues in front of them and resolve the core issues keeping the trauma ongoing? Or the ones who are actually trying to find solutions and are not falling victim to the victim mindset that keeps you engrossed in the vicious cycle of never getting better?

You are crying for help, just like many others, you just don't have the courage to actually cry for help and then understand that the best form of help you will get will come from YOURSELF. Notice how nobody has rescued you yet? Why is that? I thought this place would answer all my prayers. Why hasn't it done? Perhaps because it was never designed to do that. That is how you get over things like this. Even around a 100 people you can feel alone. Why is that? Why do successful people have everything they could ever need and want and yet are suicidal? Because it's not about having all that stuff as the answer. The answers are not found there. They never were and never will be. And so all you're doing is seeking to find a comfort zone that deludes you into believing your issues will resolve on their own as if by magic. Alas, the suffering of our country right now and the suffering of society at large and the sickness in our culture that promotes everything that does not nourish us and give us a firm grounding in our lives. People were destined to be in this very position. Throw in a few variables and here we are today. It didn't take much, did it? Most of it is actually psychological and part of the process of torture, something you have become a victim to. What you have actually lost is illusory at this point. It's all in your mind. The game is to make you believe you have lost everything but where is everything anyway? What have you actually lost? You're still here, aren't you? But by you continuing to assume you actually have lost everything you WILL create that reality until you actually do have nothing. That will stoke the fear, whether you deny it or not, it will promote helplessness and cognitive dissonance but most importantly it will repress the core issues and cover them up and the trauma will never be resolved. People carry stuff like this for a lifetime. Makes sense to start dealing with this sh*t now rather than later, right? Well, start f*cking doing it. If you truly love yourself and care for yourself you will.

But of course, let's talk about mental health and essentially call people crazy for calling this bullsh*t out. Let's just paint over the cracks and wallow here in self pity and seek to reinforce our victimization. This is not where home is. Everybody knows this. Home is not here. Home is here because you have been uprooted and forced to relocate, like animals fleeing a forest fire having had their homes destroyed. You are here because you feel you have no choice but to be here, again that is an illusion caused by the trauma you have faced. Home is that place you are running from and do not feel safe to return to. And it's right within you and always has been. You are going to need to find that before ever discussing 'getting help' with somebody.

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Re: Anyone Have the Faintest Idea What's Going on?

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Looks like the end game will be vaccine passports, which they will present as a way to end all of this (and most will either happily or grudgingly accept this ultimatium).

In reality, it will just be the beginning of further authoritarian controls.

Those who refuse the vaccine will have to live underground lives (basically a continuation of the current state of affairs).

Probably this was the plan all along.

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