This population control thing..

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This population control thing..

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I know it’s fashionable to scream, “They’re trying to control the population! Wake Up!!!” in peoples faces when they express bewilderment at the state of things currently, when they have the temerity to ask why this is happening. So apologies to those who think this is the end game.

But given the success that psychologists appear to have had in locking us down, making us wear masks, and generally driving a wedge through the more fragile communities out there, (white, middle class, educated), does it seem likely that they could persuade the globe to not have more children?

I mean, I’m being bombarded with baby propaganda at the moment, simply because I have a period tracking app, and appear to not have gone into the menopause. But when I ask others about this, the consensus is that no one in their right mind would have a baby with the NHS obstetric services as all they have to fall back on. The most powerful depopulation tool in the UK, is bad birth experiences and a complete lack of social support for parents from embryo to adult. The only stuff you get are free vaccinations, zoom health visits and endless LF/PCR tests when you go into any health setting.

Parenting is one long gaslight that whatever the state has deemed best for your child, (one size fits all vaccination programme, one size fits all education system, food offerings that make children nutritionally deficient, reward and shame systems in almost every setting, mothers back into shape and back to work as soon as possible, fathers excluded from parenting by excessive workload, nurseries who see more of your child than you do, but they’re supposedly better because they know what they’re doing). The list is endless of the things that are your fault as a parent, and nothing to do with the state’s insistence on owning your children and raising them like they’re from the workhouse.

So against this background, and the endless stories of insufficiency, why would anyone have MORE children? And indeed are they? Because I see no sign of that. And I see no sign that psychologists couldn’t pull off depopulation without a virus to assist them.